Sunday, June 21, 2009

Untitled Post No. 3 (This Time With YouTube Clips..)

Sorry, more random YouTube clips while I continue to sort things out. Got a new (previous model) MacBook and migrating my things over hasn't been as smooth as I hoped..

So I was scouring through my drafts folder again looking for something more I can post with maybe some additional editing.. I totally forgot about these clips I collected originally dating September of last year, yikes.

I think these Colorful Bento Liners are so very neat. Like the furniture at your grandmother's house?

I'm trying to figure out who would find it useful. One guess is maybe meals on International flights on an Asian carrier.. Maybe a Bento Contractor for businesses.. I don't know. Also I don't mean to promote further additional waste material in the world but they do do a much better job of recycling in Japan (if that thought helps ease my conscience). I remember needing to split my vended green tea before disposing into three - plastic bottle, wrapper, and cap. They all went into separate bins.

A yummy Bacon-n-Eggs scene from Howl's Moving Castle..

I've actually been meaning to share with you craftage88888888's channel for a while. The person goes about collecting his/her favorite food scenes from popular movies. An admirable endeavor and I really hope the person continues to update. You may find this $5 milk shake scene in Pulp Fiction (dubbed in Japanese) entertaining as well as this All-You-Can-Eat buffet scene in Fargo..

Another nice clip I found from Kamome Shokudo. Still one of my favorite movie finds in the last three years easy.

I did a few posts on it already.

Despite my lack of a sweet tooth, this rather well recorded clip of a Black Cake I thought was cool. (I'm going to have to do something about my dated template that doesn't accept HD formatted videos soon..)

One may think it is a type of chocolate or even black sesame seed dessert but in fact the author states that it is made with a batter kneaded with bamboo charcoal ashes. Huh.

I found out last week on Meemalee's blog on Burmese Egg Curry (yum) that The Beatles' Paul McCartney song Yesterday was originally called "Scrambled Eggs"(!) when it was only a dream inspired melody with the then substitute lyrics.
I do at times reminisce about breakfast eggs I had the day before.. And I will also never grow tired of the spectacle of a proficiently made Plain Omelet.

Wow, that's a lot of butter.

But the somewhat discomforting reflection on my Blog's year is that the top tally on my food ingredients labels for what I at least have been posting about are Eggs at a total of 11, only next to Burgers (I deleted the "Beef" label a long time ago) at 10. Hooray for chicken eggs and burgers!? This clip I thought was perfect for the celebration..

A Hamburg Steak wrapped in an Omelet. Oi.
I'm now more compelled to complete that Hiyayakko post I mentioned even sooner.

A quick reminder that these videos are random and in no particular order or reason.. This bit on Afghanistan KFC (Kabul Fried Chicken) was interesting. The TIME article here.

Hey if they grill their chicken kabobs over charcoal that's pretty cool in my book.

Switching from Proteins to Starch.. This clip from the movie Udon was very nice. There is a version now with subtitles but a non subtitled region free original can be rented at Video Eye.

As far as I know there aren't any fresh handmade te-uchi spots in San Diego where the closest to experiencing one would maybe be Yu Me Ya in Encinitas where they supposedly use packaged Te-uchi Udon imported from Japan.

I think I'm in the mood for some noodles today.. And a Hiyayakko.


Anonymous said...

Howl's Moving Castle! Ah, I loved that eggs and bacon scene too. Calcifer was awesome.

Kind of trippy watching Pulp Fiction in Japanese!

I've never seen someone make an omelet with chopsticks. I'm still in awe of the skill.

It's intriguing to watch the udon being made, especially how they walk over it! I wonder how that works into the CA health code... :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi BB! Maybe they'd get away with less butter if they used a spatula, haha. I'm now curious to see the Big Kahuna Burger scene in Japanese too.. :)