Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tan Ky Mi Gia (Rolando) Revisit - Same Meal, More Photos..

I've been sharing my weirdness of elements (many intangibles) that helped elevate my meal experiences.. Sometimes it was a great view (not so weird), other times the home-style dishware (a little weirder), but for Tan Ky Mi Gia it is of a particular atmosphere during evenings at dusk..

Something to do with the completely unassuming strip mall I'm in and the way my meal is bathed in amber sunset. (The restaurant faces West.) Also the attentive but respecting waitperson that lets me enjoy my meal under the shower of evening photons in peace.

The Roast Duck with (Egg) Noodle Soup - This day their Chicken Curry Vermicelli that I wanted to try was down to their last ladle-full and not enough for a full order.. bummer.
I was fine with this though because I've been slowly working on a Part-3 of my humble SD Roast Duck Noodle Soup findings and another taste of my first's first favorite wasn't such a bad idea. (A Rice Porridge I also had once here.)

This particular day while the duck was flavored nicely as before, with the exception of a few pieces it was overall on the lean side and its skin gummier than my previous great experiences.. The drippings were very nice as usual and it was this that Kirk talked about that originally got me to visit TKMG-R in the first place.

The soup, expectedly light was still lighter while all the flat-leaf chives and cilantro garnishes were also missing (and instead with baby bok choy). The tiny bits of pork cracklins were nice but the other subtle flavors that made the soup was lacking.

A little disappointed but with a few condiment fixings it turned out ok. And there were a ton of egg noodles which made me think twice of the BBQ Pork Fried Rice I had also ordered, haha.

Fried Rice is usually a sure bet anywhere but I do enjoy TKMG's a lot. Fluffy, light and airy.

Tan Ky Mi Gia's full menu here. Either they haven't updated the prices or they add tax to the itemized bill, just a Fyi if you see any discrepancies. I forgot to ask again.

The soup I assume was from the same batch of the previous noodle soup and had also lacked umami.

But I really enjoyed the fried rice and when the two combined..

The sum equaled more than the two parts.

Total bill was $13 with tax and if you're wondering I definitely had some leftovers to take back. :)

Tan Ky Mi Gia, 5237 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115


KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - Haven't been here for a while...the Missus loves the duck drippings they provide with the duck.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk, the drippings were definitely still good! ha. I guess for ~six bucks it's still hard to complain much..