Saturday, June 13, 2009

Untitled Post No. 1

Haven't done an all-nighter in a while but sometimes it's inevitable when multiple deadlines overlap.. Anyway I think I passed out at 8PM last night so I got in a good 12-hours of sleep today. I just picked up some ice coffee at my local walking distance cafe and I now feel super great!

These images of an Asian menu inspired bed sheet print I saw at IKEA took me some time to dig up but thought it'd be a complement to this post's intro.. No I do not own them. (Really!)

I'm not even sure if they're still available since it was a while back but a closer examination revealed they were a sort of abstracted instant noodle packages..

..With names suggesting swear words? haha.
But why didn't they simply do a menu version of their own restaurant?? To me the concept of being tucked under a duvet with billboard image of smothering gravy and Lingonberry sauce is much more attractive..

..While I can also totally imagine drooling over this here life-size as my down pillowcase. The tray is already conveniently striped and perfectly sized! :)

Some photos I take of my meals are out of pure habit and belong in the category of stuff I really never plan to post about..

Ones at IKEA Restaurant are somewhat in this category but it may also be that I accumulated way too many over time and feel overwhelmed to tackle them. This is also true for Santouka Ramen as well as Kayaba in Mitsuwa's Food Court.

But I'm sure it'll eventually happen. In my usual TMI (Too Many Images?) full detail..

I would expose my freakish use of Tonkatsu Sauce..

And also the devouring of large spoonfuls of sweet Fukushinzuke pickles. I love the stuff!!

I kid not. [A Photoshopped image of a Fukushinzuke-don I created many years ago..]

Though I misspelled (ずけ should be づけ), surprisingly overwhelming responses from my Japanese friends back then were a "You know Dennis, I bet that would actually be pretty good..".

If you're also a regular at Kayaba you might find their side menu helpful that I just uploaded.

I can tell it's going to be a nice overcast day.

Wish you all a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Mm..tonkatsu sauce on potato salad. Must try.

Dennis K. said...

Let me know! Then you can try it (potato salad and sauce) between toasted shokupan and shredded cabbage next. haha

Jenne said...

Fukushinzuke-don! I would eat that!
It was nice to meet you yesterday. :-)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Jenne, same here! Funny I was already craving another chicken wing by the end of the evening!

Jenne said...

I had some for breakfast this morning in fact!