Friday, July 31, 2009

A Burger @ Kearny Mesa Bowl

One hot and humid lunch hour a few weeks and a half ago.., I was strangely in the mood for a Bowling Alley Burger.

As its name conjures, a BAB can only be found and experienced at highly air conditioned indoor recreational buildings. This environment with a tempomatic, continually clashing sound of a urethane ball against ten perfectly arranged maple pins to me somehow elevates a mundane average burger to something edging above average. Wow! :)

I love people watching while eating. Especially people with beehive and Orphan Annie hair, and also Pineapple print shirts. I had the Hamburger Special - $6 with fries and a drink. It just may have been the best burger that an accumulation of Costco ingredients can create by hand.

A generously buttered and mayo'd toasted sesame seed bun. Fresh cool vegetables contrasting with the well done beef patty..

I thought a pretty good deal considering an establishment such as KMB to potentially monopolize food costs (think airport terminals). And all the cold ketchup I wanted!

Probably Hunt's, but Imho a better match to my almost must for bowling crinkle cut fries. These were also straight-from-the-fryer Styrofoam plate cinching hot.

And how was the all important burger this day?
*THUMP, rumble roll........*

Of course nothing less than a Strike! :)

Kearny Mesa Bowl, 7585 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111


Anonymous said...

Not a bad looking burger. And what's not to like about piping hot fries?

Did you bowl a few frames? Boy, I haven't bowled in years and my hand-me-down '70s Brunswick Pink Ladies pink bowling ball from my mom and her matching original shoes are still sitting in the garage somewhere. I bet if I had a matching bowling shirt with named embroidered on it and get a beehive, I'd give that lady a run for her money, lol! Either that or try out for the stage production of Grease.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CAB, I forgot to mention bowling is recommended for the full BAB experience but not necessary (which was the case for me). ;) I know I still suck at the sport but it does sound fun to dress the part!

Jenne said...

Dennis, this is the perfect example of something I didn't know that I desperately wanted until I saw it.
BAB tasting, anyone? :-)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Jenne! As for the burger, honestly anybody could've made it at home.. But I always wondered why hotdogs tasted better at ballparks and crinkle cut fries at bowling alleys??? :)

Dennis K. said...

I was just thinking... Just an additional comment that the chef at the kitchen was amazingly nice and professional. The chef was able to extract every bit of goodness out of the burger ingredients as possibly could. I'll definitely be back, bowling alley burger chef! :)