Saturday, July 25, 2009

Catalina Offshore Products - A First Visit

Finally visited Catalina Offshore Products for the first time today after a few failed attempts. They are open to the public 10AM~2PM - M~F and 9AM~12PM on Saturdays. Also a $25 minimum purchase which is understandable..

Because when arrived I was given a disposable hairnet and paged for assistance to be escorted back (I think it was David himself). This place is all business and they definitely do process fish here so it's not going to be like stepping into your favorite fancy fish market (but more like going behind the scenes to the "employees only" area). [Photos with permission.]

I got my Uni though which was my mission.(!)
The stacks of the simple rubber banded wooden containers were glaring back at me as if they were actual precious metal ingots. *chorus in background - Aaaaaaaa~*

"P" is for premium ($9 per 80-grams) and "G" is for their top line Gold ($15 per 80-grams). I didn't see any of the live stuff but I got one of the P and G each to compare later. The Ikura was finger numbingly flash frozen. I picked up a 6oz package for $14.

It was suggested that I slowly defrost them in my fridge over night. I assume they are lightly salt preserved but I may do a mild soy sauce marinade depending how they taste in the morning..

The Uni are raw of course and will keep up to seven days in the fridge. But I highly doubt they will need to last that long. :)

Can't wait to try them!! I only have vague plans as to what to do at the moment. There will be Koshihikari Rice involved for sure though.

My receipt and the hairnet that I'm sure I looked pretty flattering in.. ;)

My coming meals should be fun. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve..

Catalina Offshore Products, 5202 Lovelock St, San Diego, CA 92110-4011


Anonymous said...

The Mister and I were just saying yesterday how I need to find a good place for good uni since I've only had bad uni and he's never tried. Can't wait to see what you make with them.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CAB, the rice cooker is doing its thing. It'll be a matter of how good they are, but I'm also curious between the difference in premium and gold. I don't think I won't be posting about them until next week so you guys should immediately get them without hesitation! It's one of our blessed perks living in San Diego.. :)

Anonymous said...

Good to know about their policies and minimum purchase requirement. Looking forward to photos and reviews of your edibles!

Dennis K. said...

Hi BB, I'm taking my time so not to OD on the stuff.. That would be horrible! :)