Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Fun Day Of Tasting

I've been meaning to post this one weekend highlight of mine for a while and apologies to everyone who participated for being so late. At least today the heat wave seems to have subsided a little and I finally feel like writing again.

Maybe it was the small gift I gave in the past (yay for bribery!? just kidding) but most probably it was my admittance on more than one occasion on my blog of my fearlessness towards MSG that may have ultimately led me to the particular nervous moment of ringing a house door bell one Saturday. A year ago I would've never imagined being invited to a Salt & Pepper Chicken Wing taste off for a food blog (or a tasting of any kind for that matter), but especially one at Kirk's of all places.

I hoped I was going to be discerning enough being a lover of fried things but the comment sheet along with some casual instructions given made me feel much more comfortable at the task at hand. There sure were many very tasty wings to try. Oh the hard work! :)

It was definitely interesting to try them all back to back. I must say they were all good but a few did stand out as being superior than others. I can't remember the details from the top of my head but the results can be read here on mmm-yoso.

There were also many palate refreshers like these Rice Omusubi by Kirk (I had three) and a Cucumber Granita by Candice..

The Granita straight out of the freezer was great. (Yes, we all had access to the inside of Kirk's fridge and I probably wouldn't let anyone near mine within a ten-foot radius!) I could taste the vodka which would prove to be handy later for the impromptu Karaoke and I never thought cucumbers would be great in a sweet ice treat but it was!

I think it was also unanimous that the Kalua Pork went excellently well between the sweet pandesal rolls. Dessert was even provided at the end from Hogetsu. These were purchased directly from the bakery. I felt the need to cover Hogetsu on my blog after a short description of the place. Traditional Japanese Sweets handcrafted the old fashion way, but unfortunately with an unclear future in these parts due to perhaps the lack of interest from the next generation to carry on the family business.

I chose one of the colorful striped ones. I don't have a sweet tooth but the mochi wasn't too sweet and very nice. I think I know what I'll be bringing to my next company potluck.

So that was the day. Oh, and some Karaoke was done after where the multi-talented host displayed his ability to "twang" during a few country songs. The multiple +90 scores made the rest of us very suspicious of the person's supposed "lack of practice." ;)

I also wanted to share a conversation the following Monday morning with a coworker (who knows about my blog) that was pretty funny. As usual I headed to my computer desk, checked my emails, replied, then went to pour my first cup of coffee.

cw: "So, do anything fun the weekend?"
me: "Hmmmmmmm. Oh, participated in a S&P chicken wing tasting with a group of people.."
cw: "That's Cool."
me: "Yeah, it was at Kirk's."
cw: "Kirk of mmm-yoso??"
me: "Oh yeah, Kirk. ..Kirk-yoso. Kirkster. He loves it when I call him Kirk-O Files.."
me: "Yeah, Candice was there too. You know Candice Woo, food writer of City Beat Magazine?? Howie of FoodieView was there too, he's a really nice guy - hey do you think the coffee is too strong today??"
cw: "That sounds really fun! So people do read your blog.."
me: "..... ..........."

If you can guess my coworker is pretty sharp-witted, haha. Anyway thanks again all! (Howie, Candice, Jenne, Sarah, Fred, Natali, and of course Kirk for all the hard work and hospitality.) I can't help but think now what kind of tasting I would want to do as a first.. At least I know who all I would be inviting for the inauguration.. :)


caninecologne said...

yeah, that wing tasting must have been pretty fun!!!

my fave are from mandarin in chula vista...

so, about hogetsu - is the store going to close or something? they make the best mochi!

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, it was! And my favorite was from Mandarin Restaurant as well which ended up being first for this tasting.
I may need to go back and edit my writing cause I didn't mean to make it sound like Hogetsu was closing. Anytime soon anyway.. But I can imagine any family run business that requires hard work and a passion to learn age old techniques would be hard to pass on to the younger generation. I remember the topic of Sausage King coming up right after as well.

KirkK said...

Hi Dennis - Wow, that's so very nice....I didn't expect you to do a post, but thanks so much! Let me say that the pleasure was all mine. Remember what I said...."everyone has one song they can do"! Thanks for coming!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk! I was at first waiting for your post then I somehow got caught up doing other things.. Wow I can't believe it's already been three weeks. Time sure flies!

Fred said...

Hi Dennis,

It was so good to meet you at The Tasting. Despite having MSG overload that day, seeing your pictures makes me hungry for more chicken wings!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Fred, same here! It's weird I immediately craved for more wings as early as that same afternoon. Sorry, I think you commented on my Pho Lucky post and I didn't know it was you! If I knew I would've used more exclamation points!! ;)

Fred said...

Hi Dennis, that was indeed me.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I love salt and pepper chicken wings. My sister and I always order them at Hong Kong cafes. I would have been totally all over this. :P

Dennis K. said...

Hi WC, I certainly was as well! Btw, I've been having trouble leaving comments on your blog. It may be a Mac thing..

Wandering Chopsticks said...

No wonder I haven't received comments for the past week. I took off the word verification since that seems to be tripping people up. That should fix it now.

Dennis K. said...

Hi WC, the bug was weird. It was like the comment pop-up window size was too small to let me enter and click the word confirmation (and you couldn't scroll within the window). I think I entered comments directly on the page in the past. Hope this helps!