Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hope-ken (ホープ軒) - The Flying Pig Ramen Shop

Darn, I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with something. Posting these pics I got just the other day that helped cheer me up some tonight from my content contributing friends G.R.A. Thanks as always guys!

From what I gathered quickly on the net the (Shoyu) Tonkotsu style ramen that Hope-ken (near Jingu Stadium) offers is not the most sophisticated but something a working person may develop a deep rooted liking for over time. Quite oily and described as gito-gito or even giton-giton (I prefer the phonetically enhanced latter that makes me giggle a bit).

Oh how I wish my town had its own yellow awninged no non-sense kotteri ramen-ya with a flying pig logo. But I'm sure I'd be missing good tacos (lengua for me! yum) if I were there now. As I say, the grass and the grease always seem greener on the other side.. ;)

But while I'm at it I would also really love to have that man's T-shirt as a souvenir. Not literally his, gross! You know, like at In-N-Out..

Wow, the large O-mori bowl is Huge. The ramen was described by my friends as most lip smacking and fairly salty but something they enjoyed a lot. The bits of white speckles that can be seen in the soup is fat. Definitely Giton-Giton here.

I think there is seating upstairs by the looks of the first exterior photo but having your bowl while standing may be part of the authentic experience? I just love the long counter directly open to the street and it would be the way I'd rather be lunching, at least here. :)

A strainer full of free chopped green onions. Also lovely.

And a pitcher full of iced barley tea. I would bet a necessity.

And again, the awesome flying pig logo. This time on a hanging chochin lantern.

Actually, more desirable to me then that t-shirt..


Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better now, Dennis. Funny I'm always in the mood for a bowl of ramen. Well, maybe except for today, which was almost 90 degrees!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Cabcooks, I'm better thanks! Hiyashi Chuka definitely sounds like a better option in this heat.. :)

Sawyer said...

hey dennis, what's your favorite ramen place in the sd area? in the so. cal area?

Dennis K. said...

Hi Sawyer, this reply is going to have a lot of fine print.. haha. You know my friends G.R.A and I aren't super picky ramen eaters but we definitely avoid more places in SD than admit liking to go to. For me Gunco Ramen in Chula Vista actually wasn't bad my last revisit after a change of owners some time ago. But for the most part I visit Tajima when I get bored of Santouka. Santouka's ramen is easy to get bored of despite what seems like a variety in menu. Of the two Tajima's I prefer No. 2 because they seem to be more consistent with the chef/owner usually being more present at that location. My blogger friend Keizo's site Go Ramen! would be a better bet for anything up north. I know he does a 'best of' recap at the end of the year and that's where I would start. At the end it's all personal preference I guess. I remember my friend not liking Sumire's Miso Ramen during one of Mitsuwa's fairs (too oily for him) and I absolutely loved it. Anyway, good luck!