Thursday, July 2, 2009

Projects, Projects.. And Random, Random..

I should really make it a habit to finish a project before starting a new one.. But inspirations are everywhere and I feel this awesome bench (that is perfect for my new "meal paradise to be" side patio, haha) is something I can do relatively quickly and with little monetary investment. Ok, this is maybe how I feel about most projects I start, but that aside.. This one is a very high bang for the buck cool.


(image: Design Sponge)

And after:

(image: Design Sponge)

I gave the photos credit to Design Sponge because I couldn't find them on Martina Ahlbrandt's site that DS refers to as its origins. Link to the Design Sponge article here.

So at least for tomorrow I'll probably be at the Goodwill bright and early. But looking forward to Mitsuwa SD's Kyushu and Okinawa Fair in a few weeks. My expectations are not the highest but I'm still pretty excited about the Okinawa Soba.

I'm hoping this time the Shime Saba Sushi won't get stuck in U.S. Customs though.. (They never made it to the last fair).

Finally I was reminded again today how hard cats are to photograph. Glad I'm into food.


meemalee said...

I guess you've seen this already :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi meemalee, yes! And I've been working on another for a year now and will pass it on your way very soon!

Jenne said...

Wow, Dennis--cool bench!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Jenne, happy 4th! Funny how you see those chairs everywhere until the moment you actually want them.. :)