Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank You Google Reader Readers.. And Happy Belated Eel Day!

Wow, so I discovered this thing called Google Reader today. And I also discovered that I have 34 subscribers.(!?) Apparently this is completely unrelated to the "Followers" on your dashboard (for those of you who use blogspot) and I also hear that posts read through GR does not show up on sitemeter.

Personal hobby or not, it's nice to know sometimes that other people (aside from close friends out of pity?) find what you do amusing enough to follow. So all good to me, Except For One Thing.. Google Reader doesn't seem to update these posts actively. If it does update at all, it seems to be extremely slow. So while I'm already very humble about my writing skilz, it was even worse to think that many may have been reading the early rough drafts this whole time. I've never been disciplined enough to proofread everything before publishing so I might want to put a draft label in the title for at least the first day.

My biggest gripe is that I like to edit my content while looking at it in the style of my blog template. Blogspot's preview function is not WYSIWYG. At least not yet.

Anyway so before I hit the sack a small bit on Doyo no Ushinohi - or Japan Eel Day. I had totally forgotten that for this year was last Sunday (July 19th).
As far as I know the association of Summer with the consumption of Grilled Eel in Japan is that it is considered a small indulgent splurge to help one get through the hot months and avoid heat exhaustion. Digging into the history and details behind Doyo no Ushinohi is a bit much to want to tackle right now (too close to my bedtime) but a great article on it on Kyoto Foodie here and the Japanese Wiki article here.

So I had an Unagi-don at Izakaya Sakura today for a belated celebration.. with a little twist (or I should say "grate").

I had it delicately draped with a white futon of tororo (grated mountain yam or yamaimo). I first came across the rather unusual Unatororo-don on 333Amigos and immediately fell for the concept. In all honesty I love tororo and would want to have it smothered on most any of my savory meals if I had the chance.. But I have to say this was a surprising nice match.

The +$2 could've been a bit high but the particular type of yamaimo used produced a very dense and thick tororo. I thought the natural light sweetness of the grated yam complemented the sweeter sauced unagi and despite the contrasting look of the bowl, they went quite well together.

It seems the day is celebrated more than once in certain years (there must be some sort of Eel Day algorithm that I haven't figured out yet). 2009, we're up for another on July 31st so let's again get our Unagi appetites on! :)

Izakaya Sakura, 3904 Convoy St #121, San Diego, CA 92111


Mike said...

My solution to the WYSIWYG blog post preview problem is to keep a separate, non-public "draft" blog with the same template. I do my editing there, and then when it is ready, I copy it over to the real blog.

Works pretty well. Except when I accidentally post a draft to the live blog...

meemalee said...

I adore unagi but not keen on tororo - too neba neba for me ;)

KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - Funny thing, the Missus has been eating the Unadon from Sakura once a week for lunch recently...without me!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mike, that's a great tip that I never though of.. Thanks!

Hi meemalee! What about natto?? You're missing out! haha, jk.. ;)

Hi Kirk, that's pretty funny! The unagi at Sakura has been pretty consistent and I'm usually happy. I hate it when the skin is thick and gummy and the fat not rendered enough.. Still looking for a place that has the kahones to char the edges a bit though. But I can do that at home. :)

Anonymous said...

Yahoo reader and rss feed are just as slow. And none of those show up in wordpress stats!

The Unagi-don looks good. I love grilled unagi. It's been a while since I've visited Sakura. I think it's time.

Sawyer said...

heh, google reader is pretty cool. i just like to do the feeds tho instead of readin it thru reader. the only problem is there's an infinite universe of food blogs to read lol. so maybe i'll try a couple and see.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Cabcooks, maybe we should all meet up some time, with Kirk and Sawyer too?

Hi Sawyer, I actually don't use any readers and I prefer looking at the person's blog directly still. You're right about the crazy number of food blogs around these days. Strangely 99.9% of them don't interest me. I like what's on my blog list.. ;)