Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Fish Sandwich And Another New Hobby (Very Soon)

I've been working on this post off and on since Friday night and I think I can't add much more to it.. So double posting today while I can.

I had another quick lunch meal at El Pescador Fish Market. You can read about a few others I had there here. The boring sentimental reflection type intro please feel free to skip. ;)

The Olive Oil & Garlic Snapper ($8.95) was super fresh as usual and also benefited from having a bit more seasoning flavor than other sandwiches I've had. Also asked with Avocado (+$1).

For me the sandwiches here are hard to go wrong whatever species of pisces you happen to choose. Always with crispy veggies, a light tartar sauce and powdery soft moist buns that complements the grilled delicate market fresh fish.

Still I admit dashing a little salt after every other bite but it was very good. I was also happy to find a table edge for myself after committing to eating in this busy day.

Trying again another small cup of Cioppino ($3.95) was hard not to.

Noticed now in a new compostable paper cup. This day the soup was on the light side but the flavors that were there were vibrant and fresh batch tasting (as always). Unlike the previous I've sampled though the particular ladle full had quite a few generous sized chunks of fish. A couple drops of my favorite Tapatio hot sauce also really made it to my liking.

My true mission this clock ticking hour was actually to check out some longboards at Mitch's Surf Shop that is just adjacent to EPFM.

Although I have a few friends that longboard, I personally have never surfed in my life.

I figured maybe it's about time. I need another hobby other than sharing to the world what I ate, but I'll say now that I'm going to somehow incorporate my surfing adventures into this blog. Surfers gotta eat!? And if you're wondering, you can count on a Libra to follow through with a decision they make. So as early as it is, yes I declare it my new hobby! :)

But oh the beautiful beautiful boards. So beautiful.
Some candy tinted, some more retro colored, and even others with pretty cool graphics. I also visited Mitch's Solana Beach store to check out a few more just yesterday.

What spoke to my soul was this Root Beer colored Gato Heroi "Smooth Operator" model.

The name so perfectly fitting for me.. NOT, haha. Judging by the prices (a grand up for certain names) I'll probably be practicing on a used Craig Listingson "Used Operator" model.. Pffff. And I can always listen to Sade on a waterproofed ipod.. I do need to work on my tan a bit before though so I don't blind anyone unintentionally out on the waves.

Then I stopped by Torrey Pines Beach for a stroll before heading home. Had some fun with my compact camera's macro function. It was hard guessing where it would focus but the surprise made some of the photos more interesting I thought.

It's hard to get the full effect without seeing it larger so please feel free to click on the image if you so feel inclined.

A hermit crab eye's view of the beach. You can see the individual sand grains in full resolution.

I almost got the camera (and my feet) wet with this one. Right at the edge where the water came up before receding. I have many more but since this is a food blog first..

Well, hope everyone had a nice weekend. I certainly did. :)

El Pescador Fish Market, 627 Pearl St, La Jolla, CA 92037
Mitch's La Jolla, 631 Pearl St, La Jolla, CA 92037
Mitch's Solana Beach, 363 North Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075


caninecologne said...

hi dennis - cool macro pix!

about double posting, that's nothing. sometimes i backlog my posts and post them weeks later, 4 or 5 at a time. it's hard for me to post everyday because of this thing called work.

K and S said...

love the photos! congratulations on your new hobby too :)

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful board! I've always wanted to learn how to surf but just never did. Boogie boarding is about as close as I'll ever get. Congrats on the new hobby! Hope you enjoy it and stay safe.

Love the macro shots, btw!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I'm a libra too. But for me, that means I like everything balanced and symmetrical.

Can't wait to read about your surfing adventures.

Mike said...

I quite like the sandwiches at El Pescador. My only complaint with them is that, while they taste great with their tartar sauce, they are quite bland if you aren't in the mood for tarter and get it without.

Dennis K. said...

Thanks CC! Yeah, these days it's been hard to stay consistent. I have quite a few drafts backlogged..

Hi K&S, thanks! Feels a bit weird being congratulated without actually not having started.. I measured the interior length of my car and won't be needing roof racks. Woo hoo!

Hi CAB, thanks again. I'm getting a board probably this weekend and hitting the waters soon after. I won't be standing on it anytime soon but it's going to be fun! I'll work my way up to a nice board eventually.. :)

Hi WC! I'm the same way with the balance thing too. Also I find I take time deciding on something but when I do, it's pretty set. I'm just a bit bummed I'm not going to be able to take my camera with me. I'm inseparable with it! :)

Hi Mike, and I thought my tartar sauced sandwich was a bit underseasoned! I've had enough over seasoned (to mask flavor of) old fish meals elsewhere that I kinda respect EP's take. But I know what you mean.. I personally can use a side of some melted butter, mmmm..

Sawyer said...

those are some nice pics. i never though of using macro that way.

it's probably better to buy a used board off craigslist for your first board. long boards are fun...haven't gone surfing this year, but hope to go soon. i def. miss living next to the beach.

btw that cioppino looks delicious!

Dennis K. said...

Hey how's it going Sawyer! Thanks for the tip. You know I was just at Mitch's and I'm now interested in Stand Up Paddle Surfing! I'll let you know how it goes.. The Cioppino was tasty by itself but I read sometimes it's dumped on spaghetti.. That sounds So Good!

Anonymous said...

Cioppino on spaghetti sounds brilliant!

And just think, if you start surfing you'll have a larger appetite which in turn means more food posts. We'll benefit from your new hobby too!

Love the picture with the rainbow of boards and the serene macro beach shots.

Dennis K. said...

I think the spaghetti thing I read on wiki.. I may have to take a cup home and have that for dinner one day.
My first surf lesson is tomorrow morning!! Maybe I'll have a loco moco after that, hehe..