Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Best Things In Life Are Free Gifts

Whoo-weee.... I feel I've been running a triathlon. In fact I'm still in it and maybe just turned in my swimming cap and goggles for a pair of road bike shoes. I've had a few nice recharging moments during though which were kind of like that banana and ice water replenishments from roadside supporters. :)

Last week Monday was a casual and great lunch with a few SD food blogging friends at Golden City. Kirk and Cathy from mmm-yoso, Carol from CAB Cooks and Sawyer from Mother May I. What a cool chill group it was to lunch with! (I apologize in advance for my late arrival but) Kirk had generously ordered for everyone and at least for me, showed me the ropes of non-kung pao and/or orange chicken side of GC's menu. Boy, everything was really really great. I look so forward in sharing all the photos I took, hopefully sooner than later!

Also the same week my temporarily Tokyo transplanted best pals were visiting which some of you may know as the photo content contributing team G.R.A.
If the omiyage gifts weren't enough we all had an Ota-san's omakase dinner at Sushi Ota. Needless to say the dinner was sensational (and a bargain I thought for what it was, though in fairness it were G.R.A.'s treat.. hehe). The maguro kama toro sashimi surrendered over my tongue's internal body temperature, the ika-somen outstanding, the delicate crispy fried pompano head and bones I never thought could have as much flavor as it did. And as for nigiri's, the almost webbing like closest-to-the-collar-and-diaphragm O-toro nigiri was stupendously good. (Talk about eating only the very center of a Pop-Tart or the very tip of a sliced watermelon.. haha.)

These only to name a few highlights the night but the light zuke Myoga Nigiri was also equally off the hook. Yes, I was Wow'd by a pickle.

And then there was the omiyage..

These guys know me too well. ;) A large Pamphlet/Magazine from Green Tokyo Gundam Project that I posted about last month.

In it was a 30 year history of Gundam and also a fold out of the now famous full-size mist and light animated statue. Wow, check out that cleavage and those hips!! Haha.. I kid of course but a video created by my Gundam otaku friend during the celebration here and here.

Also was a cookbook from the first season year of my favorite Japanese cooking show, Danshi-Gohan. This I had actually asked but planned to pay for at the time..

Sweeeet.. The recipes were all there beautifully printed on nice warm toned textured paper. Kentaro's Hamburg Steak recipe that I totally bastardized from memory once I always thought of redoing again for the sake of the reputation of my hero chef (and possibly me?).

I may be cooking these while wearing this slightly effeminate light blue Mister Donut Tee but what the heck, I love it too. I already own matching Mister Donut coffee mugs.

Which THEN brings me to later in that week when returning home, head feeling like gray matter mush, I found a small package by my doorstep..

WOW, the timing couldn't have been more spot on, whole roasted coffee beans from Intelligentsia! I heard a lot about this place and I can't wait to try them!! I don't know how much the person would feel comfortable divulging its origin so let's just say this friendly reader has "connections" to the roasters. :)

There was also a packet of Sencha tea leaves as well. This will be perfect for the tea set my family brought over and left me during their last December visit. That and a good size block of Yokan.

Last but certainly not the least..

Here we have a bottle of Charlie Vergos Memphis Tennessee, Rendezvous Famous Barbecue Sauce. I'll be honest and say I never heard of them until now but am very excited to try it. Who says airport gift shops are lame spots for souvenir gifts?! Not certainly if you happen to be in Tennessee.

Well Golly Gee Willikers.. Doggone it, people like me. :)


KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - I'm glad you enjoyed lunch. I had a blast, it's always nice getting together with a great group of folks!

Sawyer said...

wow. you are really loved! haha. i enjoyed the lunch too! plus i got to try some things i've never had before.

K and S said...

that is some stash of omiyage :) enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Aw, now I'm craving GC. I had such a blast, as always.

Holy cow you scored! That t-shirt is very cute and I can totally see you in it, hehe!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk, thanks again.. And I can't believe the feast we had was so affordable!

Hi Sawyer, it was awesome to finally meet you! And same here about the meal.

Hi K&S, can you tell I'm pretty excited?

Hi CAB, you're right, it seems you can't go wrong when you let Kirk order.. hehe. I'd wear the shirt out for next time but I'd hate to get duck sauce on it.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Free gifts are great--especially unexpected free gifts, or gifts that become unexpectedly free, like your cookbook. Ha.

That Mr.Donut shirt is too cute. I wouldn't want to get duck sauce on it either!

caninecologne said...

hi there! love the mister donut shirt!!!!!!!!

free stuff rules!

i once got yokan as a gift from one of my japanese students (they give the best wrapped gifts). another students told me it was made of beans but that "only old people ate it with tea". is that true?

Dennis K. said...

Hi BB! Somehow my favorite Tee's have relatively short life spans. I've always wondered why.. And how do girls keep their shoes always so looking sharp and tidy???

Hi CC! Yokan is definitely a traditional Japanese sweet but I hear they're becoming more popular these days. I really hope it's true! A visit to Hogetsu is due very soon.. :)

Anonymous said...

Mine too! As for the shoe thing, I've no idea. Possibly that they have a lot of shoes and just rotate them around? Clearly, I'm not an expert on the issue.

meemalee said...

I went to see the gundam! I went to see the gundam!

The queue for the shop was insane even when we went on a Thursday - your friends must really love you!

Will post about it soon :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi BB, that's too funny.. and I'm definitely a horrible shoe abuser. Stopped buying those expensive limited ed. sneakers quite a while back.

Hi Meemalee, welcome back! And looking forward to the post!