Saturday, August 29, 2009

Posting More Gundam And Some Random..

I'm happy to announce my second unofficial photo content contributors to my humble unofficial food blog of sorts, Team Pocky.

These particular photos were from the mister half of the life team who happens to also be a Gundam fanatic (Gun-Ota). His YouTube page that I've referenced before in past posts here.

The email I received just yesterday with the attached photos read something along, "I thought you'd be interested in these..". :)
A few behind-the-scene shots of a food vendor in preparation of the recent full scale Gundam reveal in Odaiba. The photos are much more impressive when clicked and viewed larger.

I love the framing of the statue with all the details of the kitchen in the foreground.

Here looks like they would be serving Esunikku ("Ethnic food") with several types of kebabs and curries.

The trash from the previous day will need to make way for the replenishment of new supplies..

And at least from this perspective the huge stacks of cased beverages and the even bigger tower of Suntory Premium Malts seems to over shadow the 1:1, 18-meter tall Gundam.

All this totally brought me back memories of when I worked a Takoyaki stall one particular hot and humid Natsumatsuri (Japanese summer carnival) during my early teens. Anyway, my sincere thanks to the awesome photos Team Pocky!

Somewhat related to Takoyaki, I came across some cool triple-nozzled squeeze bottles at Daiso the other day for your even distribution of Okonomi sauce and creamy mayo pleasure.

Somehow I refrained from actually purchasing one.. Oh yeah, I'm trying to get back in shape!

Which brings me to my second SUP outing one early morning last week before work. La Jolla Shores (or any beach for that matter) at dawn is really something. Maybe I'm a morning person after all.. haha. Below the board that I rent. A yellow twelve-footer river barge sometimes also known as the taxi.

This day I was able to do a full minute(!) of actual stand up paddling over some mild rollers. At this point every fraction of a second is consumed by the pure focus of keeping balance, but I had my first taste of actual SUP Surfing and it's truly addicting. Need to look into inexpensive waterproof cameras!


Sawyer said...

hey dennis, how long did u live in japan for? were u born there? good to hear about your progress on sup. 12 feet is long haha. all those long boards are like standing on a lawn in the water =p i was thinking about getting a 8' or 9' board a gift once i finish my apps, but i'm leaning towards just getting a better camera =)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Sawyer I was born and raised in Okinawa, the southern most island of Japan. It's subtropic and so fairly warm year round.. :) For my height and weight hopefully I'll eventually get down to a nine footer myself, if not for the sake of fitting the board into my car! haha..

Ravenous Couple said...

that giant gundam is s cool!

Dennis K. said...

Hi RC! I hope they decide to keep it up permanently!