Saturday, August 22, 2009

SUP Guys! And A Cold Soba With Myoga

Hey guys, Stand Up Paddle Surfing is SO Freakn' FUN!!

Despite the theoretically stable as a river barge 12-footer that Mitch (of Mitch's Surf Shop) had let me rent, I was only able to achieve the "Stand Up" part of SUP for maybe five seconds max. Then splash I went, into the sea, Master Jedi Mitch circling around me.. "You're doing great Dennis!" :)
Still, I learned to paddle and maintain balance on my knees (on the forgiving river barge). And oh did I paddle. Paddled, paddled away.. Away from the morning swimmers, across the chatting divers.. waving at fellow SUP'ers (who were actually standing), all while enjoying a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean in the almost surreal gray light.

[La Jolla Shores @ 6AM]

The sky did eventually lighten up more than the photo shown, but anyway the benefits of SUP over traditional surfing (especially for a beginner) are many. A much more buoyant and stable board with the ability to propel yourself despite low or no wave conditions, the high vantage point to be able to see the oncoming waves (while enjoying the great view doesn't hurt) and the stealthy great core workout that it is. As my SUP sensei Mitch says it best, "You're having so much fun, you don't even know you're exercising and burning all those calories.." I'm sold, but you already had me at SUP!

I plan on doing a few more sessions with Mitch - $40 for an hour and a half and it includes all the equipment which he brings to the site. He even had a wetsuit for me which was great but I since purchased my own later the day at his shop. The actual board and paddle will come eventually.

And sure I won't be doing anything remotely close to what's shown in the video below anytime soon..

But aspirations are a good thing and I had a really great time this day and I already can't wait to be back out there again (with my sore triceps, stomach, feet, thighs and buttocks..).

I can remember vividly my first snare and bass drum coordination, the tempo akin to a park bench falling down a flight of stairs. Boxing was just as awkward at first. My early combinations I may as well have been throwing Nerf balls at my trainer's mitts. Slowly but surely..

Posting what I ate today though it's nothing special. I wanted to use that oil from last weekend one last time before throwing it out. Zucchini tempura with a simple cold soba with julienned Myoga (I *heart* myoga btw).

I wanted to also include some Shiso but I was out. The soba noodles were the raw nama type and had a better chew and pull than the dried stuff..

But I wasn't quite sure if it was better to the point to justify the higher price for me personally. I'm still willing to try a different brand while I have another serving left of today's to see if decreasing the suggested cooking time helps.

I then made a small kakiage with the leftover myoga and tempura batter. It was pretty good for an afterthought. The delicate flavors of the subterranean flower bud could've benefited from a lighter batter, but I think I'm over frying for a while.

The protein of the meal tamagoyaki came out worse than my first and I didn't even bother photographing it. Taming the copper pan may prove to be more difficult than that board..(!)


K and S said...

good for you, getting out there! I just had some miso soup with myoga in it it was delish!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks K&S! It was a lot of fun. I love myoga but it's so expensive here. Two bucks for a single bulb! And to know they grow like weeds in my mother's backyard..

K and S said...

wow! that is expensive!

Sawyer said...

this looks pretty fun...i've never seen this before. what is myoga?

Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S, crazy isn't it? All I've seen are imported from Japan.

Hi Sawyer, do you surf!? Myoga is a beautiful looking but weird in concept type of subterranean flower bulb. Used mainly as a garnish for its crisp floral qualities as far as I know.. Wandering Chopsticks told me it is also called the Torch Ginger but I haven't seen it anywhere other than Japanese markets. If you come across some elsewhere that you think is a better deal can you let me know?? :)

K and S said...

hmmm we used to often eat it in Hawaii with tako and miso, I wonder where we used to get ours from?