Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Home Unajyu

Summer is practically over so I thought I should post this before it gets any cooler. Another Unajyu I had a few weeks back but with the Unagi reheated and grilled with the much simpler toaster oven method (as opposed to this).

I actually almost over caramelized this one but I enjoyed the smokey charred edges a lot.

I'm though a little over the goopy overly sweet store bought Unagi sauce now and I'm going to make my own next time. Oh, and I need to share my recently learned Unagi Croquette recipe! This one's pretty tasty. :)


meemalee said...

I had some unagidon at Yoshinoya (their summer special) and it was surprisingly good.

Dennis K. said...

Ah man, I hope you took a photo!! I love these regional menu differences. Yoshinoya here is quite bleak.

Anonymous said...

I just bought some unagi and some store bought unagi sauce, so I'm looking foward to seeing how your homemade sauce turns out(and hopefully a recipe!). I'd love to know if there's a more natural way to make it without all the corn syrup.

Dennis K. said...

Hi BB, I actually made it in a beginner's sushi class many years ago, haha. It was only three or so ingredients and then a reduction. I just need to look up the ratios. I'll let you know!