Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Lunch @ Okan - Week Three

I don't plan to report weekly but wanted to quickly share photos (my blurriest here yet) of another two visits in trying out Okan's weekly changing lunch that is planned to go on up until the end of the year. Missed the first but you can see what was offered at week-2 here. (Previous dinner visits here and here.)

So this time I figured out the ordering system a little better. You first purchase the main Basic Set for $6.50. This is sort of a given unless you planned lunch around a bowl of their Hijiki Brown Rice ($1.50).

The set comes with three tasters of the day, homemade tsukemono pickles, rice, and a miso soup that is packed with vegetables. The "tapas" tasters so far ranged from simmered kabocha pumpkin, to poached and seasoned vegetables, to even light Asian mac salads. Some choose to end it here as a light meal but that wouldn't be me. :) Besides, I'd be missing out on the best part.

Three weekly changing entrees are available to add to your basic set at very reasonable prices. This day after first swapping the Hijiki Brown Rice to white, I had a seasonal vegetable curry (+$3).

You can say it was very hard for me to pass up an opportunity to taste a Japanese Curry from Okan. :)

I remember nice sized pieces of Eggplant, Zucchini, sweet Red and Yellow Bell Peppers, minced carrots, maybe potatoes.. In any case the rue was rich and sweet but also had a nice medium heat. Completely full and satisfied and I should've really stopped there.. But I had already ordered the second side. D'OH!

The Chicken Karaage (+$2.50) were in smaller bite sized chunks but fried perfectly with the center still juicy and the outer crispy. Had a light sweet/sour dressing and came with a small salad. A great lunch but I was uncomfortably stuffed afterward and won't be doing that again.

If I had to choose one side again it would probably be the Fried Saba Mackerel (+$3.50) that I had on a previous visit earlier in the week. I really enjoyed this a lot. Again for the lack of my descriptive vocabulary, was fried up to perfection. The fresh saba fluffy and moist and the light batter was lightly flavored nicely. The small bed of salad underneath (with steeped okra) helped further round things up to a balanced meal.

So if any of this entices you, you still have another day tomorrow to try it out. If you can't no threat, I'm sure there will be something offered next week that would be just as yummy.

But as for tomorrow.. The Curry or the Saba: THAT is the question!? (*dork*)

A note again that lunch is cash only and not served on the weekend.

Wa Dining Okan, 3860 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111


Anonymous said...

Hi Dennis! Everything looks so good. The veggie curry and the Chicken Karaage are making me so hungry! I've got to stop reading all this and looking at food pictures so early in the morning.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CAB! Funny I can only remember how stuffed I was looking at those pics, haha. Maybe our next meet up can be for breakfast somewhere??