Friday, October 9, 2009

A Lunch @ Wa Dining Okan

I've always had very pleasant dinner meals at Okan and they were always one of those places that I dearly wished were open for lunch. So when I found out they would be for a limited time, I made sure to check them out. Like the very next day, haha. :)

The concept of the small but weekly changing menu is interesting where there is a single main "Basic Set" for $6.50 that includes rice, miso soup, homemade pickles, and three (what they call) Tapas, but more portioned as tasters. But there are also a few very reasonably priced sides that you can add on to this which at least for me makes a more complete meal. The theme that reads on the menu is Okan's Healthy Lunch. Weekly changing, affordable and healthy? I'm so ready for this.

I'm not a big brown rice eater but the Hijiki helped here a lot for me. Funny that it visually made my mind crave some Japanese Takikomi rice medley which it obviously is not but healthy as advertised. Today the three "Tapas" were a very light mayo tuna and daikon mix, a nicely stewed cabbage, and a Nikujaga type potato simmer except with I think pork than the typical beef. I thought each were very good but maybe for me portioned a bit small. But when you consider the $6.50 price overall still a pretty good deal for a nice full service sit down (and for me the joy of eating with nice chopsticks!).

The homemade tsukemono pickles were fresh, crisp and delightful. The miso soup was lightly flavored but this helped in letting me enjoy the sweetness of the many vegetables which it was generously stuffed with. :) The few that I remember onions, carrots, daikon, burdock root (gobo), and I think some slices of aburaage if I remember right.

I'm not sure if this Basic Set part of the menu changes weekly (I missed last week's which was their lunch opening first) but the sides will. The fried tofu with vegetable gravy sauce that I saw the waiter carry past me looked great and well portioned for only two bucks. Typical me I went for the breaded chicken cutlet ($3).

On the lean side but moist and a well executed fry I thought. What made this though was the sweet miso and sesame sauce. Yum. And over a bed of leafy lettuce and fresh tomatoes the healthiest katsu side I can say I had, ha. The third option was a ginger pork for $3.50 which I'm sure Okan would have delivered a very tasty version.

Overall much simpler offerings than what is at night but definitely priced right and I can't wait until next week to see what will be on the menu then. Meals at Okan is always a joy because they use my favorite spice - Variety!

Oops I almost forgot, lunch is cash only and not offered on the weekends.

Wa Dining Okan, 3860 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111

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