Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quick Bites @ Dave's Mexican - San Clemente

I was introduced to Dave's by friends who at one time lived in San Clemente. I'm really glad because the place is now my preferred quick-bite pit stop when running errands up north. It's a bit off the path but not hard to find once you've been taken there like how I was. :)

I-5, exit Avenida Pico towards the beach then turn left on N. El Camino Real and it'll be right there on your left.

I wanted to have a few more meals before I posted but since I had ordered the same dish three times.. (haha). I like the Crab Tacos. Usually on the specials board, shown is the combo plate with beans and rice (chips and salsa). Dave's full menu here.

Sorry, not much visually to see maybe but the crab is griddled with a little bit of butter. That's the extent of any guilt factor here though (if any) because the brown rice and beans are quite lean and healthy tasting (no lard is used maybe?). Anyway, so it was good enough for me to order it consecutively without hesitation. Maybe next time I'll be more adventurous.

But the greatest deals at Dave's without a doubt are the items on the Daily Dollar Menu.

This day was chicken (or beef) taco and I was a bit surprised to see the flour tortilla fried and puffy like a pastry. So I take back some that everything at Dave's is guilt free (it is Mexican food after all) but it was fresh and tasty and for only a dollar quite an achievement. Fyi, if I opted for rice and beans, that plate would've cost only $2.95.(!)

Dave's Mexican Restaurant, 1701 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672

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