Thursday, November 26, 2009

Guess.. That.. Katsu Curry!

Happy Thanksgiving! This is honestly a bit more half baked than I wished but wanted to post something fun today. And when I thought I found something original to do I found this from Kirk's a few weeks back... Darn. Oh well, I am relatively new in this after all, haha. So anyway many photos of Curry Rice. Can you guess where each are from?!

Some hints.. I'm not including any Indian or Thai this time but two are from British Pubs (as sort of a round about ode to Japanese Style Curry's origins..). Majority are from San Diego but another couple are from within the vicinity of Mitsuwa, Costa Mesa. To keep things manageable I had to limit it to one meal per establishment so many of my favorite photos couldn't make it, but there are a few in the mix that I never posted before so hope you enjoy the pics.

And what do you win?.... You will gain the people's ovation and fame forever! Maybe I'll have prizes next time. ;)

A, B - C, D..

E, F - G, H..

I, J - K, L..

M, N - O, P..

Q, R - S, T..

U, V - W, X..

and Y.. for

This was super fun. I can totally do another version later (maybe in December) with random breakfast photos.. To have real prizes then.

Do you have a collection of photos to challenge us for a guess off? Please share! :)


Kelsey said...

and this is getting me away from my thanksgiving dinner :D anyways love your blog SO MUCH!

K and S said...

yum! happy t-day!

meemalee said...

British pubs? Wow :)

Anonymous said...

I'm horrible at these kind of games. :P But it was fun looking through all the pictures. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Dennis!!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Kelsey, hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

To you too K&S!

Hi Meemalee - haha one surprisingly tasted similar to Japanese curry. The other was quite horrible and grossly overpriced.

Hi CAB! I sometimes forget I'm not in Japan, haha. This must've been too obscure for most but the breakfast guess off should be more fun. Happy Holidays to you too! Cheers

Laura said...

Conclusion: Dennis eats a LOT of curry.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Laura, I wasn't trying to be subtle here if you can tell. =)
"K" was at Maestro and "L" was at Bentoss.