Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lunching @ Do Re Mi House - Part One

Wanted to share a few meals I enjoyed at Do-Re-Mi House. A few starting from recent visits and one from a while back before the new management. DRMH is located in the "strip" mall lot shared by Cheetahs Gentleman's Club on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. DRMH's sign doesn't shout at you but it's closer to the West end of the mall and the entrance looks like this..

..from the inside, ha. They also recently went through a nice interior renovation a couple weeks back. Sorry no images but it's a nice modern update from the previous while still retaining that mom-and-pop feel that I really liked about the original when I first visited about two years ago. Their full lunch menu at my vault here.

Though some sort of grilled/braised/stewed meat dish is typically my main objective when in the mood for Korean, I do enjoy the sweet and tart starter salad of glass noodles, onion and cucumbers here. The glass noodles are a lot thicker than I'm used to and has a nice crunchy pop.

The Daeji Galbi (Pork Short Ribs, $12.99 lunch price) was really hit-the-spot good. I don't know if it has to do with the history of humans domesticating pigs for so long but the craving is definitely in my DNA.

Somebody will have to start manufacturing pig versions of these cast iron plates. :) The delicious way Korean grilled meats are marinaded I have to say I never had a bad Galbi or Bulgogi ever which makes it hard for me to judge one better than the other. But I was impressed at how thick the cuts where here.

Also extremely tender, and with the sweet, savory, with sesame oil flavor and aroma.. I'm surprised I stopped at only two bowls of rice.

The Banchan I felt was an upgrade from the early DRMH and I even got a seaweed soup. I think Miyeok guk(?). I thought it was a tad under flavored but since free a bit hard to complain.

But my next visit I was really excited to have been served my favorite Korean steamed egg custard Gyeran Jjim. My love for this is no secret where I even video'd this in the past..

But I also don't want to over hype the stuff. IT IS A SIMPLE DISH consisting of whipped eggs with dried anchovy broth. Compared with Walmido's, DRMH's was stronger in flavor in both the broth while also benefiting from more chopped green onions. I enjoyed it better in that regards a lot but I missed the fine marshmallow like pillowy texture of Walmido's. Both were good in their own ways.

My main this day was a Braised Kalbi Beef Ribs dish, Kalbi Chim (~$14)?

This was from their dinner menu so priced accordingly but oh my.. was it really good. Sweet, savory and with just a good amount of heat. What I thought were chunks of potatoes were actually quartered stewed daikon radish. The carrot was the same and the beef, fall off the bone tender, all in its own braised juices. So very guilty. Maybe best to share due to its richness..

Should've flipped the galbi over so you're not staring at the bone but it still gives me major hunger pangs when I look at it, haha. I chose the corn drink again today for the complementary free drink.

Below a "before and after" shot of the beef ribs..

The free banchan this day was like so..

I really enjoy the second to the last, sort of a sweet fried fishcake-tofu texture but I don't know how to ask for it. I want to learn it because it is umm, FREE? :) I also wondered if they make the Muk here cause it was the softest I had.

Anyhow, last but not least at the very end you're given a cold sweet cinnamon tea with pine nuts.

It was very nice and especially helped cut some of the greasy feeling in my tummy (sorry my camera was being stubborn and didn't focus where I wanted it too).

So my first order during the early days I believe I ordered a Kimchi Chige ($7.99) stew.

Absolutely loved the rustic presentation! In fact I would like to have purchased these well used aluminum serving pots if they are for sale for myself..

The Banchan was not a highlight but sufficient and the people at the time also very friendly..

This must have been on the weekend cause I found photos of beer accompanied with.. haha.

[Darn, I want that HITE bottle opener..]

My last and most recent visit the Banchan was so..

..And I had ordered the Seafood Soondubu ($7.99).

I had just dropped the egg in the photo but it cooked up a nice medium by the time I was ready to eat. The stew contained some oysters, clams, small baby shrimps, tofu, and Paeng-ee beosut - familiar to me as enoki mushrooms. The gyeran really mellows out the overall spiciness of the soup which was already a medium richness.

I also had asked for another Gyeran Jjim this last day. YESS. :)
More to come..

Doremi House, 8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd - Suite M, San Diego, CA 92111


Sawyer said...

one of the reasons i love your blog is the meticulousness you bring w/ every photo...or simply put: food porn. doremi was of my friend's favorite places...i been here once or twice...long ago though. lookin forward to your next post!

Anonymous said...

Aw, now I'm craving Korean food. I haven't met a kalbi/galbi I didn't like yet. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yum. I want to try this place out now. Everything looks so good.

caninecologne said...

hi dennis
what? no review of cheetahs?! maybe you'll see some (cough) councilmembers there...

Dennis K. said...

Ah, thanks Sawyer, you're too cool. I enjoy totally nerding out with my posts and my problem is deciding what not to put up haha..

Hi CAB, same here! Kogi gets too much credit for what is essentially a perfected food. Another I can think of is the combo of mint leaves, lettuce, and a hot crispy cha gio!

Hi Kirbie, still early in my visits but so far so good! :)

Hi CC, haha. I wonder if they'll let me photograph my food there... hmm.