Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Lazy Sunday Breakfast @ The Huddle

I can't believe it's December so soon. I have many longer posts lined up but the brisk air and gray skies had me feeling particularly nostalgic today so I decided to share the breakfast I had this morning instead. It had been some time since I've been back to The Huddle so I dragged myself over out of the comfort confines of my down blanket, warmed by my laptop's battery.. A feat in itself.

But I knew if there was one place that would help me get into the holiday spirit today it would be here. The Huddle just has a nice calm vibe and charm that I always enjoyed but knowing the place has a community program that helps feed the homeless (not just during Christmas but year round) was always something I respected about the folks that run the place. Holiday decorations were up including seasonal vinyl tablecloths. The table I sat had a dark-green poinsettia pattern and the table one over were of white snow flakes. It almost felt as though the occasional light mist of rain falling just might be snow! Ok, I exaggerate but it was probably the closest I got to feeling winter had finally arrived in San Diego this year. :P

So anyway onto my breakfast.. Don't know a whole lot of places that still serve Chipped Beef on Toast but they do here ($5). I'm more familiar with the name Creamed Beef on Toast but either way it is much more flattering than the old military acronym that some may know as "S.O.S."

CBOT is basically triangular cut pieces of toast that are completely smothered in a very thick bechamel-like cream sauce with minced meat. The one that I would occasionally crave is actually made with ground beef. The version here has the chipped beef but it resembles the closest to what my dad and I used to have at military base cafeterias overseas in flavor.

More floury in a good way but most important not tangy like a few I've tried elsewhere that sort of reminds me of pastrami or corned beef. The key for me is that it must taste good with ketchup (of course). Cathy had reminded me that Stouffer's made one in a frozen pouch that I actually remember trying a long time ago out of desperation curiosity. Unfortunately it was from the tangy school but I've since been happy to discover that The Huddle would serve a CBOT that decently satisfies my childhood memories.

Had a side of hash browns and sausages. My breakfast diner motto is - If your hash browns are wack, I won't be back! Ha. They are fantastically crispy on the outside, almost potato chip like, and fluffy moist inside. Breakfast sausages on the other hand could be served to me cold and I'd still be happy. These were good if not out of the ordinary but seemed steep for $4.75. But if it helps feed some hungry people so be it..

Cause I'm totally cashing in when my senior discount with the place goes into effect. I already have my personal Huddle mug for their Folgers.. :)

Oh Huddle, will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm Sixty-Four Sixty-five!?

The Huddle, 4023 Goldfinch Street San Diego, CA 92103


K and S said...

gotta love that diner motto :)

Anonymous said...

"If your hash browns are wack, I won't be back!" hahaha! That's right up there with the lamb "baaaaaaah" line!

Dennis K. said...

Haha, thanks guys. But they never should underestimate well executed hash browns. It's important!