Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pasta House Jin Jin - Shinjuku

Double posting today cause I can but more I've been inspired by the photos and story that were sent to me by my temporary Tokyo residing, occasional content contributing friends, G.R.A. I know I have at least two Ramen related collection of photos from them from last summer that I have yet to share but been meaning to, sorry!

Googling Jin Jin Pasta in English only came up with this.. but in Japanese it was a richer result with all these that show Jin Jin definitely has more than a few fans.

Located in the underbelly of Shinjuku Train Station, the story was that the Missus half of G.R.A. would come here during her college commuting days for a quick bite when switching trains. Although Jin Jin may seem like a chain it is said to be the one and original. I probably walked by this place (with sore feet and arms weighted with toys) many times without even knowing.

The pasta here was described to be always perfectly al dente and the now Mister's favorite being the meat sauce. I've talked a lot about strange to some Yoshoku dishes time to time but more often than not you can find more authentically prepared meals in Japan than here in the states. But of course there are always exceptions..

Like this seafood pasta dish served with Japanese shredded Nori seaweed and yuzu..

..and Asari Clams or Cod Roe with Shimeji mushrooms. But if I were ever here I'd probably go all out and have the ketchup flavored Japanese "Napolitan" which would definitely hit that natsukashii nostalgia inducing spot for me. Oomori (extra portion) for me please! (+150Yen, ~$1.50)

A few more pics..

G.R.A. must've finally gotten that DSLR that they've been talking about. Jealous.

And yumm..

Pasta House Jin Jin, since 1968. See you there!? :)


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