Saturday, January 16, 2010

Warning: A Few Risque Images - Gyoza No Ohsho! Lots Of Pics!

My temporary Tokyo residing friends G.R.A. have come through yet again. While knowing they only have a few months left before returning back to SD, I had requested a very selfish favor. I asked them to document a meal at a large Japanese/Chinese Chuka chain - Gyoza no Ohsho (餃子の王将)!

Poor guys, haha. But of fast, cheap, and greasy filling lower spectrum spots of B-Kyuu Gurume, the place does boast gyoza that are hand made daily with unfrozen ingredients. A Chuka version of In-N-Out? Maybe not quite.. But either way they were happy to try out the place except that they couldn't find an Ohsho conveniently located near where they lived.

The one that was supposedly in between their work-to-home commute was this here at Shimbashi Station, located right under the train tracks. The area explained "was a bit seedy with a lot of massage parlors and nudie theaters.." My reaction: "Mwahahah.. exxcellent.." *finger tips twiddling* ;)

Don't quote me here cause I lack the link to any hard data but I heard that the Ohsho chain were the few restaurants that were steadily growing at a consistent pace despite the economy's lowest down peak a year or so back. (Update: this television clip states Ohsho Food Service (inception 1967) is currently Japan's largest Chuka chain with 6.1 Billion Yen ordinary profit.)

The famous inexpensive made from scratch gyoza was described "very juicy and garlicky with a firm skin." An a la carte plate was listed as 230-Yen (~$2.30!).

Mmmm, looks great too.

Macro shots are always welcome on this blog, thanks G.R.A... :)
The pic below of a giant mound of gyoza filling waiting to be stuffed into the skins..

Yes the overtly placed visual could be a calculated show but a smart one nonetheless.
The Mister being a Ramen fan ordered a Tonkotsu Shoyu set with fried rice (without high expectations)..

Ramen was described as "neither great nor bad but was fine.."

I cracked up with the first noodle photo above because who the heck is holding the camera?? Typical G.R.A. style of humor, ha.
The Missus had the fried rice set and she did enjoy the gyoza but the rest of the meal was a bit too greasy for her.. Knowing her liking in light taste I wasn't that surprised by her comment maybe.

But they both agreed that the few personal preferences aside it was all hard to complain considering the price.

A few more pics..

Below to the right a vinegar sauce pump dispenser for the gyoza??

The Ohsho chilled water mug..

Some kitchen shots..

Menus.. (Ohsho is a franchise so each store has unique offerings as a special.)


A couple more..

One last of the exterior..

Despite the odd location they seemed to have overall enjoyed their meal. Said they were looking forward to visiting again. Were they being nice? Anyhow I'm totally craving Hoikoro or a Kani-tama (crab omelet with a gravy sauce) at the moment. *stomach growling*


Jenne said...

Ohsho!! I forgot all about it! I had many cheap meals there back in the day...

Dennis K. said...

Hi Jenne! Hopefully the area wasn't as seedy as this place! I actually took some of the pics down.. Keeping this food blog PG-13 as much as possible, haha.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so delicious, especially the gyozas! Not sure if I would have ventured into that neighborhood to eat though.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CAB! I'm preparing a personal B-Kyuu Gurume intro post but frankly writing isn't my forte (haha) so it might take a while.