Thursday, February 25, 2010

Simply.. Marco - Food Television At Its Best?

I found some great circa 1980's clips of Marco Pierre White on a show called simply Marco.. Darn the show is simply........ EIGHTIES, it's great. The shoulder pads on that narrator lady can't be missed. In a four part series Marco first cooks for Albert Roux. Young Marco reminds me of Kurgan..

Part two, and three..

Next Marco cooks for Nico Ladenis, Pt.1.. Check out young baby face Gordon Ramsay!

Part two, and three.

Marco then cooks for Pierre Koffman, Pt.1..

Part-2, Part-3. Love the sound of that bread!

And the best for last.. Marco cooks for Raymond Blanc (skipping to Pt.3). Marco is not in a good mood. You can cut the awkward tension with a dull butter knife. RB seems intimidated by Marco. Oh Marco.. *sigh*

Not to miss part One and Two. I want to try that pig's trotter!
They sure don't make great food television like these these days.. Then again Marco was one of a kind. And so was the eighties. Marco.. "His talent, his volatile temperament, and his phenomenal energy.. have combined to produce a controversial star..."
I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog to Definitely Dennis.. Definitely NOT, haha.


caninecologne said...

ha ha
when i see the "Thames" logo, I think of BENNY HILL!

those are funny vids!

word ver:

Michael said...

Marco... Oh man I remember that guy. Brings back memories of my favorite TV chef we used to make fun of all the time. Pasquale from Pasquale's Kitchen. Remember him?

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, haha you're right I knew I recognized the Thames visual from somewhere. I've since found vids of Marco being even more of a.. you know, himself..

Hi Michael we didn't get Pasquale's Kitchen in Japan but I love love loved Graham Kerr, the galloping gourmet!! The show was even dubbed in Japanese. I did a post a while back here.

caninecologne said...

i've always liked the swedish chef from the muppet show.

he was a sexy incoherent beeyotch!

ha ha

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ramsay looked so young in those. I find it funny that White has been credited as the person who made him cry.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, love the swedish chef too! Sort of did a post here..

Hi CAB, yeah young and really quiet, haha.. I found even better shows of marco.. Was fun making fun but I admit I learned a lot in the process.