Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Onezies -A Chashu Ramen @ Yakyudori Ramen And Yakitori

Had a chance to check out the new Yakyudori outpost next to Dixieline Lumber off of Convoy Street. Kirk of mmm-yoso's first impression of the place can be found here.

Loved the bright, clean and tastefully done interior. Lots of light colored wood. Felt like a modern but true no nonsense ramen house. It's been a long while since I had a straight up Shio or Shoyu Ramen (minus the raw noodle packs in stores). Santouka offers a Shio/Tonkotsu or Shoyu/Tonkotsu that I enjoy but it's still at core a tonkotsu blend while Tajima's is kind of doing their own cloudy broth thing that I enjoy in its own way but ever so misses my nostalgia sweet spot.

I ordered the shoyu based Chashu Ramen ($9) which comes topped with a few extra roast pork slices.

Pretty darn solid. This was a hard to criticize bowl (at least for my standards). I forgot to ask the main ingredients of their soup's stock but I would guess chicken and hints of dried fish, vegetables. The medium amber clear soup tasted as I hoped, a light but developed savoriness that echos some of the flavors of the chashu marinade without any hint of bitter aftertaste. Leans on the lighter side for me personally but something I can have again the very next day. And the day after that.. :)

Noodles were great. Very springy, with a good chew and pleasant light doughy flavor that can hold its own and complement the soup (as opposed to becoming a part of it, haha). I might've liked these noodles more than Santouka's actually. The sliced pork Chashu was a medium fatty and lightly flavored to match. Hanjyuku tamago a good yolky with at least this day a lighter chashu marinade. The flavored bamboo shoots menma an expected but very welcome topping as well as the poached spinach to help keep me in shape.. ;) The green onions I'm asking for extra next time. For $0.50 I hope it's a nice heap.

The Japanese style thin skinned gyoza was fried well on one side. They may look a bit burnt but it somehow didn't affect the flavor much. At least these weren't deep fried like what a lot of places do (easy and also masks freezer burn?).

Seemed handmade which was good but the fillings were the light mostly veggie based and not out of the ordinary except for bits of sweet corn that I remember tasting. They were ok but I'm still wishing for some gyoza in SD with a good amount of ground pork with a nice cajone kick of nira chives or the garlicky bite sized ones I really enjoyed at Shinsengumi.

But when the grilling of skewers finally get going I'm sure I'll be ordering up some of those (or at least I hope they will be available during lunch). Minced chicken tsukune, negima... Some chicken hearts and/or beef tongue... I can't wait!

Fyi, a half order of white rice comes free during lunch hour with any ramen. I had some of it and the soup leftover so did this with it.. :) Can't wait to try the rest of their offerings.

Yakyudori Ramen and Yakitori, 4898 Convoy St., Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92111


K and S said...

looks perfect for today's flurries!

KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - I'm glad you made it for some ramen. Pretty solid, huh? I loved those noodles more than Santouka as well. It's wonderful to have a place like this in San Diego.

Kirbie said...

Oh I'm so excited to try this place after your review and Kirk's review!

Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S! It started to get a little cold again here too.. but we're talking 60's to 50's (Fahrenheit).

Hi Kirk! I thought they played the lighter shoyu flavor very safe and recognizable, but it was definitely solid imho. I'm really stoked and I can't wait when they start grilling stuff!

Hi Kirbie! Also taking into Kirk's experience it seems their sides (at the moment) aren't as a hook as it could be but their ramen is done well. Straight mainstream in flavor but good.

shogayaki said...

Hi Dennis-san

I can't wait too if I am in front of such a good looking traditional Rarmen!!


Thank you very much for your bookmark into my stupid blog.
According with some footprints, I could trace your delightful blog!

It's snowy cold now in Japan.
I will come back here again if I would like to feel good!


Dennis K. said...

Hello Shogayaki-san!! Thank you for commenting and also for your compliments! Your shogayaki blog makes me smile. Please keep up the great work! Also thank you for allowing me to post some of your great pics on my blog!
I hope you stay warm and please say hello to eatnapo-san.. :)

Michael said...

Hi Dennis, Looks oh so yummy. great pics by the way. I will have to go and check it out.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Michael! I personally thought it was a good straight shooter bowl that didn't make me want to take a nap right afterward.. I've since tried the shio salt and miso flavored and they were also good.

meemalee said...

Oh that ramen looks good! Whenever I've had it here, the toppings seem pretty stingy - eg I'm a menma fiend and they only put a strip or two on your bowl :(

I liked that you put your rice in the leftover soup - instant zosui :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Meemalee! (Menmalee?? haha) I absolutely love menma too! Yeah it's a pretty laid back place that lets out the dudeness in me, ha. Though I still can never seem to bring myself to slurp (at least as loudly) as they do in Japan yet..

Jenne said...

Howie and I went there yesterday--I definitely like it better than Santouka.
I really like the lighter broth, and the chashu is quite tasty as well.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Jenne! What did you try? I like them all but have a friend that thought the Miso was a bit salty for their liking but really enjoyed the Shoyu. I'm really happy for the nice addition to the area.