Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Random Taco Truck Day - El Jefecito, Clairemont

This was during one of those many drizzly weekends we have been having the past month..

I'm rarely in these parts but I noticed a bright yellow taco truck in the defunct gas station off of Balboa and Clairemont Drive. I realized this was the spot that Kirk had been giving updates on in the past. (I somehow in my head pictured Clairemont and Convoy (!) and every time I would pass the location I'd disappointingly say to myself, "Hmm, no taco truck today either....!?"..) Anyhow, I think the truck read El Jefecito..

Also conveniently there was a coffee cart right by so I felt I could knock two birds with one stone this lazy weekend day (more on that later). I put my order in of a Lengua (tongue), Al Pastor, and Carnitas tacos and waited. If I remember correctly they were all a buck-fifty each..

A free bean soup helped warm me this chilly afternoon where a drizzle of rain would seem to come and go every few minutes.. The stew/soup was flavored fairly simply but it was a nice gesture.

I pretty much stood next to this grill for the most part that was burning some mesquite charcoal behind the truck.

The tacos arrived with large grilled onions and pepper. Again was also a nice gesture but was still a bit raw for me to enjoy. The lengua was the best of the bunch. Really moist and beefy flavorful. I'll be back for these! :) The tortillas were warmed in the style of lightly frying in oil while the generous carnitas and al pastor were also both fairly oily.

These were a little greasy but surely didn't lack flavor and so I enjoyed them for the still good deal $1.50 that they were. Maybe the al pastor was a bit salty but not bad.

SO.. Fairly satisfied with what turned out my first late meal of the day, I headed for the nice looking black trailer for some coffee. There was a man in front of me that was chatting up with the lady inside long after his drink was served. He also tipped quite handsomely. Finally I had ordered my ice coffee (I know it was cold but that's almost always all I have) and the whole time my eyes were focused on the lady's eyes.. The previous pervy man in his beat up 90's Prelude drove past ever so slowly so I looked back to make sure there were no rain puddles that would splash on me. He was grinning at the "barista" the entire time! Anyhow, I can be pretty naive at times.. And I finally realized that under the lady's cardigan sweater, she was wearing only a bikini.(!) Everything finally made sense. The name of the trailer.. "Sneak-a-Peek Espresso"... Hello... I just hope she had a heater in there! Brrrrrr.

The funniest part though was that I had asked if I can take a photo (of my coffee drink.. you know.. for my blog..). And with an almost well rehearsed verse she point blank told me that photos were $20 each.(!) I felt so embarrassed, haha! I don't even remember how much my coffee was nor did I count my change.

That's all I have for tonight.. Happy eating!


K and S said...

interesting Dennis :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S, it did make the otherwise gloomy day interesting.. ;)

Sawyer said...

lol this is hilarious!!! this reminds me a bit of those viet cafes where the waitresses are scantily clad...sounds like quite an adventure!

KirkK said...

You asked to take a photo at Sneak a Peek!!! And of your coffee.... I'm sure they thought "yeah, right, just the coffee".... or maybe that you had a coffee fetish! That's classic Dennis. El Jefesito is kinda up-and-down, but yes, the lengua is pretty good.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Sawyer, wow I've only been to ones filled with chain smoking older vietnamese men! And only cause their banh mi was good.. haha.

Hi Kirk, you know I didn't even say "..of my coffee..". I just thought it was polite to ask cause she'd be seeing me wielding a camera right in front of her.. I'm pretty good at being discreet but maybe not that good, haha.
So it sounds el jeficito has a consistency problem? I think they may be the closest place to get lengua from my work in a five mile radius....

Masa Assassin said...

You are becoming a taco killer :) Ive been wanting to check this place out.

Dennis K. said...

Hi MA! Did you mean checking out the taco truck or Sneak-a-Peek?? Haha, JK.. They were grilling the meat over the grill with mesquite outside as I was leaving but seems they might have a consistency problem judging by Kirk's comment. The tacos were good enough for me.. :)

caninecologne said...

wtf! $20 FOR A PHOTO? that's crayzee!!!

ha ha, the word ver is

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, that's what she said. The ice coffee was good but I forgot what I paid for that, haha