Sunday, May 9, 2010

More Sunday Ramblings - And A Loco Moco @ Homestyle Hawaiian

Double posting today. This is sort of dedicated to one of my favorite blogs hwn pake in okinawa. I think I only commented once or twice there but I really have been enjoying all the meals so regularly documented, especially all the Okinawan Soba and bento lunches! OkiHwn is now back in Hawaii but has been still regularly updating the blog with all the local eats. Thanks for the great work OkiHwn! You've been an inspiration. :)

So I decided to finally drive to Homestyle Hawaiian this weekend. I was thinking of getting some kind of combo plate but I ended up with the Loco Moco ($7.95). Was too tempted. I also got a side of Ahi Tuna Poke ($5). Too tempting as well.

D'oh! This was one heavy plate! A 10 oz. beef patty with two fried eggs, onions, mushroom gravy, mac salad, and a ton of rice. You have to wait a little for your order but the results are worth it. The beef patty was seasoned well and very moist. This is the typical loco moco style non-fillerized patty unlike Japanese Hamburg. This means it most likely won't be the most tender but what you gain is a good beefiness in flavor and texture.

The gravy was very good full of mushroom flavor. Next time I'll ask for the eggs runny but these had a nice crispy fried edge. The mac salad was a bit too mayo-ey for me personally but all in all the plate was Very Ono! (Wanted to say that forever.... haha)

Poke was with a little sesame oil, rock salt, sesame seeds, white and green onions on a bed of cabbage. Simple but very fresh. I obviously couldn't finish everything so took what was left of the loco moco and poke home. Dinner was a Poke-don that I made with the left over rice.

Their menu is online but the more complete board menus below (in high res).

Kirk of mmm-yoso has a more complete rundown of HH here.

Not quite ready for Monday but I had a pretty good weekend. Hope everyone did too!

Homestyle Hawaiian, 7524 Mesa College Dr, San Diego, CA 92111


OkiHwn said...

Eh Dennis - had to google to find your blog. Arigato for your compliment. Your site is pretty good too!

K and S said...

wow that loco moco was HUGE!

Kirbie said...

Oh wow, the potions look huge! And really yummy...I need to stop reading your posts when I'm hungry.

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - i don't think i could even polish off half or 1/3 or that loco moco!!!

word ver:

Dennis K. said...

Hi OkiHwn!! Thanks, you rock. Please keep up the great work. (I fixed that problem and have my blogs listed on my profile page now.. oops) Cheers

Hi K&S! It was huge and then some!

Hi Kirbie! To crave a loco moco I feel you have to have either grown up on it, are a football player or have been surfing all day since 5:30AM. I'm none of the above so my theory has a small flaw, haha.. ;)

Hi CC! I did a pretty good job but the rice was just to generous. The Poke-don for dinner was a euphemism for 'leftover-don', haha.. :) Still good though

Violet Séverine said...

I love me some loco moco. That and a side of Spam musubi and I'm in heaven!

Michael said...

Aloha Dennis, The Poke looks really yummy.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Violet, make that two of us! And thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

Hi Michael! I ended up drizzling it with a little soy sauce later. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

It's been so long since I've had a Loco Moco. I think I might have to swing by this weekend. Gotta get some of the Korean Chickent (Mo's the best in SD!).

Dennis K. said...

Hi CAB! I read about the Korean Chicken on Kirk's blog.. I'm definitely looking forward in trying it along with a long list of others.. :)

Sawyer said...

that is a beautiful loco moco! i still got to try one myself sooner or later...nice writeup there! what's your favorite hawaiian place in sd?

Dennis K. said...

Hi Sawyer, I haven't been to too many Hawaiian spots but I do have to say I graduated from L&L. Island Style Cafe is a bit out of the way for me but that was another great spot. :)