Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two Meals - Saturday 05.22.2010 - Julian Pie Company And Point Loma Seafoods (yet again)

These are actually from last Saturday. Been meaning to share sooner but it's been a busy week for me. Hope you enjoy them. I think there was some sort of agenda the day but it was the weekend and the weather was so fantastic that we decided to well, just drive. A little South, a bit a ways East, we were in Jamul for a little. Then drove a bit North, more North.. Descanso.. Cuyamaca.. Made random stops to take random photos.. I had a lot of fun.

This exotic looking flower is actually a macro of this..

I now want to find out its name but it was about the size of a dandelion. I'm becoming curious about names of plants. Damn I'm Getting Old! ;)

Later witnessed the remnants of the huge fire we had not so long ago. Some areas were like scenes of Mordor (!), but with green vegetation growing around it maybe. Found this crazy looking tree stump that I had to ask to stop for.

There were actually a few similar scattered about. A burnt shell of a tree stump.

I'm wondering now if this was hollow to begin with and it simply scorched from the fire but it was a strange sight.

It was big enough for me to crawl in but eh, I felt too old for that as well so I stuck my hand in to take a photo of instead.

The weather was perfect and it turned out to be a really nice drive. I suggested continuing out to Julian since I haven't been in years. I wasn't the one driving either so.. :) But when we arrived..

There was a car show going on which was neat.

A mixed bag with one particularly nice vintage Ferrari but I think my favorite was this dragster-fied AMC Rambler.

Very Rad. The interior reminded me of the movie The Road Warrior.. :)

The group of BSA motorcycles that drove through were super cool too..

Lunch was at the Julian Pie Company. I don't think I have eaten anywhere else but if anyone has other suggestions please let me know. :)

I thought the choice wasn't going to be too hard since I had my heart set on an apple pie..

But there is the Original, the Dutch (very sweet), and I believe the Natural (no sugar added).

There are several toppings as well. The friend with a sweet tooth got it a la mode and I, reminiscing of one of my favorite Scorsese movie Taxi Driver asked for it with melted cheddar cheese. Young Robert De Niro rocks.

The pie was served warm but a thing I disapprove was the use of the microwave. I think at least a convection toaster oven would've been nice to preserve the flaky crust but then again I'm not the one behind the counter dealing with an impatient line of people..

The cheese used was cut thick and wasn't very salty and nice. The pie which I think I got "original" was still a bit too sweet for me so I may try the "natural" next time.

Julian Pie Company, 2225 Main St, Julian, CA 92036

There was a used bookstore (love them all) across the street. Checked them out, including the cookbooks section. Dude, do you remember this guy!?

I won't go into details but this book might become a rare collectors item someday, haha. Did not buy myself.. There were a bunch of strangely attractive 70's microwave cookbooks though (which I think the most famous by far would be this sadly titled one). The one below was actually published by JC Penny. Man the photos were so fantastic, totally from another time. Was tempted just for the pics but did not buy either.

In the evening when we returned I think my friend was in the mood for a beer by the docks so it was Point Loma Seafoods (yet again). Sometimes I feel I should save up these visits and do one longer dedicated post but eh whatever.. ;)

After that sweet pie I was planning to do something light but the soft-shell crab sandwich on the specials board was hard to resist. I think the blue crabs have just molted and are in season May/June.

This sandwich with two whole lightly battered and fried soft-shell crabs was super duper rich, especially at its center with the brain, roe and what not.

Because of the richness I think double the amount of coleslaw could've worked for this too but still all very good and fresh.
Clam chowder was extremely creamy and quite nice with chunks of clams, potatoes, onions.

Was a nice way to cap the day (yet again). But I'm going to have a cup of their ceviche all to myself one of these days.. ;)

Point Loma Seafoods, 2805 Emerson Street San Diego, CA 92106


Jenne said...

Julian! I grew up there!
Personally my favorite pie shop is Mom's, but I'm not such a fan of apple pie any more so I usually get the strawberry rhubarb.

In terms of other places to eat there, Romano's and the Julian Grille are decent for dinner. I like Soups and Such for breakfast and lunch--surprisingly delicate and tasty food.

The Wynola Pizza Kitchen is a bit out of town but they have a giant pizza oven and a lovely patio to sit out on. Their pizza is the thin-crust kind and really good.

You also can't miss the soda fountain at the Julian Drugstore. Try an ice cream soda--you almost never see them any more!

Let me know if you ever have any Julian-related questions...

K and S said...

too bad they nuked the pie :( everything else looked great!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Pie! I love pie!

The flower looks like the Star of Bethlehem with the petals all bloomed. They look slightly different when they're buds too.

caninecologne said...

first of all, nice to hear someone else use the word 'rad'. i thought it was just me! ha ha.

OMFG - the Frugal Gourmet dude --- it's so sad he turned out to be this total pervo pedophile!

i agree - the landscape looked like mordor!!! where's gollum!?

sounds like you had a fun time checking things out in julian - cars, pies, scenery!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Jenne! That's awesome! Thanks for all the great suggestions. I can't believe it's been years since I visited. It's nice to have options other than pies, haha! ;)

Hi K&S! The pie was good. Just being picky.

Hi WC, I just looked up Star of Bethlehem and the pedals are very similar aren't they! These were small and weed like.

Hi CC! I used "Super Duper" too.. Haha. Go Gen-X! ;)

fliu said...

Julian?! I haven't been there in ages either. I remember the drive up there taking FOREVER when i was a kid. How far is the drive from SD? I don't even remember!

I remember Dudley's bakery (something like that) on the way up there. Have you been there? Supposedly they have great breads.

Who heats up a pie in the microwave :( That's so sad. Is that pie company the same one that supplies the apple pies to the major supermarkets here in SD? I think I've bought some sort of Julian pie from Albertsons or Iowa Meat Mkt at some point.

Loved your post!

- faye

Dennis K. said...

Hi Faye! Same here, haven't been in ages. We stopped over so much I can't say how long it took, plus we took the back roads. Julian pies are famous! Yes it's the one you see sold everywhere. This was especially fresh, straight from the source. :)