Sunday, June 27, 2010

If There Isn't Anything Good On Television...

Some entertainment for the food nerds in case there isn't anything good on the telly...

I can't seem to get enough of Ozersky TV. I first posted about Josh demonstrating his burger skillz but I've since watched all 62, 63 episodes! (They're usually only a few minutes each.)
From what I quickly gathered, Josh Ozersky is a food writer and burger expert (update: author of The Hamburger: A History (Icons of America)) that contributed one time (as an editor?) to New York Magazine's Grub Street. He may have made a few enemies along the way but whatever, his Vimeo uploads I find are so entertaining and fresh. Too many favorites to list but I embedded a few below.

Bill's Bar & Burger. My freak'n goodness, the burgers here look absolutely amazing. *gasp* And I love how it's the furthest from looking so vertically trendy.

Bill's Bar & Burger from Ozersky.TV on Vimeo.

Eisenberg's Sandwich also seems totally my kind of place. Josh's home base where he does most of his rants and ramblings..

Welcome to Eisenbergs from Ozersky.TV on Vimeo.

Katie Lee Tries Egg Fu Yung. Josh is my hero. Watching the video made me search out my one and only Egg Fu Yung photo that I had years ago (location will remain undisclosed for now). The version in the clip didn't have gravy on it but the sticky ribs did look pretty good.

Katie Lee Tries Egg Fu Yung from Ozersky.TV on Vimeo.

Finally for a good laugh. Inside Dr. Claw's Lobster Den..

Inside Dr. Claw's Lobster Den from Ozersky.TV on Vimeo.

Again, too many more fun clips to list. Keep 'em coming Josh! :)


K and S said...

fun! I'll check these out when there isn't anything good on tv :)

Dennis K. said...

Oh no, there's almost Always something fun to watch on TV in Japan, and I mean that sincerely and quite jealously..... :)

K and S said...

nah, Saturdays here are blah :(

Violet Séverine said...

thanks! these videos look great.

Dennis K. said...

My friend's love their DVR! :)

You're welcome Violet!