Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Overdue Revisit To Lucky's Breakfast

I'm first to say that I'm way too sentimental about breakfast diners. I love visiting greasy spoon joints on my days off cause it reminds me of the times my dad and I would go out on weekend mornings. So I admit when it comes to breakfast I'm pretty hard to displease. Just a warning for those seeking suggestions for places from me maybe, haha. ;)

But in my part of town I'd say I wouldn't have to look any further than Lucky's Breakfast for a good classic fill. This first half stash of photos from my first visit to LB dates back to November 2007. The place then was still called Lucky's Golden Phenix Restaurant (that was the way it was spelled).

Lucky is also the name of the older Asian gentleman that runs the entire place alone. He's also a total riot. The interior as you can see is decked out in Chinese decor. Judging by the older sign it seemed the place did serve Chinese at one time, however the current menu is completely American Breakfast with prices that are more than reasonable.

Three eggs with sausage ($3.80, comes with toast) and hash browns (+$1.25).

I remember were perfectly executed over-easy eggs without any wiggly white bits and of course nice runny yolks. Hash browns were pretty decent too with some nice crisp edges.

I finally made it out to visit once again yesterday. Lucky's closes at noon Fyi.. (but opens from 7:15AM).

Not much seemed to have changed (except for the name). Check out the photo of young Arnold!

I was bummed though that my Godzilla figure I had given the last (it's a long story) didn't seem to make it to his knick knack collection. He has a singing bass fish for god sake (!), haha. But judging by Lucky's character he probably gave it away to some kid.

I had the two eggs sunny side up this time, with sausage and hash browns but also a side of hot cakes.

The hash browns could've been crispier but he had gotten three simultaneous orders.

Hot Cakes were nice and fluffy. No complaints here.

Fortune cookies are given after your meal. My bill was rounded up to only six dollars. (?!)

As much as Lucky's is a total bargain, for me it's the warm atmosphere filled with friendly warm people that makes me wish its continued success. And a happy warm belly filled with fried protein and potatoes certainly doesn't hurt either. :)

Lucky's Breakfast (formerly Lucky's Golden Phenix), 3804 Grim Ave, San Diego, CA 92104


Jenne said...

I love Lucky's! I live just a few blocks away and even though I only go there a few times a month, Lucky always remembers what I like.

I also love the hilarious regulars who always say hi and wish you a nice day when you leave. <3!

K and S said...

I wish we had more breakfast places here!

KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - Good to know Lucky is going strong. Lucky is quite a character.... as are many of his customers.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Jenne! Yes the regulars here are sync with Lucky like Regis and Kathie Lee! I forgot to bring cash during my first visit and Lucky was way too cool about it. So when I came back with money I brought him a Godzilla figure as a thank you. Godzilla was the closest thing I had at home that resembled a dragon..? :)

Hi K&S! You wouldn't find a character like Lucy at Doutor but then again there are at least a dozen other things I miss about breakfast in Japan.. :)

Hi Kirk! Lucky was doing well. He was a bit too busy to chat with or I would've gotten more info about the place..

Michael said...

Hi Dennis! I love places like this. I have to go next time I'm in the area.