Saturday, June 19, 2010

SD Roast Duck Noodle Soup Findings - Part Three

A while back I went through a serious Roast Duck Noodle Soup phase. I got addicted to a somewhat admittedly strange ritual where all would start with a rather disappointing first few sips of the (relatively bland, nothing to do with duck) soup. I'd then proceed to place one of the fattier duck pieces into the bowl, poke and prod at it to help release its lovely duck oils and spiced flavors.. Then maybe munch on a meaty piece whilst leaving any unedible parts to also steep in the soup. The Mi egg noodles which typically are too al dente and raw tasting for me in the beginning would be to my preference by then where I'd help myself to a few good heaping chopstick servings. Midway some hot chili oil will find its way for some additional kick, and finally near the last quarter finale of the bowl when all the flavors were extracted and melded, I couldn't help but think to myself how much more wonderful the dish would be if my first sip was as good as my delicious yummy duck umami concentrated last..... My memory of the meal would freeze here and the cycle would continue on with another bowl elsewhere.

ANYWAY. Haven't had a bowl of RDNS in a while but I realized I had collected enough visits since my Part One and Two to do a quick Part Three.

My very first visit to Golden City they were out of duck would you believe it (!) so I think I ended up with some fried rice and pot stickers. Roast Duck Noodle Soup ($5.95).

The soup was expectedly a little on the bland side..

But the duck pieces were all nice and meaty with good flavor.

A nice thing here with the lunch specials at GC you get the usual suspects of a cup of soup (egg drop or hot sour), an egg roll, and those crunchy fried wonton skin strips.

I love me egg drop soup with a dash of fine ground white pepper. The soup may not be anything special..

As is also the egg roll but good nonetheless. :)

A sip of jasmine tea. And as I mentioned in my intro, hot chili oil is usually involved with my RDNS somewhere down the line.

Aah.. that's more like it.. ;)

Overall was a very decent bowl but now that I had my lunch bonanza with a few SD food bloggers here I have a list of other things I'd rather try again. :)

Golden City Restaurant, 5375 Kearny Villa Rd, San Diego, CA 92123

My first visit to Sieu Sieu BBQ involved a RDNS ($5.25, full SSBBQ menu here).. Similar to GC came with Chinese greens (for my lack of knowledge of what the vegetable actually is). Personally prefer the versions with flat leave garlic chives and scallions but the greens seems to add a light sweetness which is also nice.

The soup for the first time had a nice level of sodium which with my experience is quite rare. While salt could always be added out of a shaker the flavor would taste surfacey to me and not the same if the broth had been simmered with.

Here the duck was plated in a separate dish and the lovely drippings seemed to rival Tan Ky in Rolando (that I first learned about from Kirk of mmm-yoso).

I thought the duck had a nice flavor if not the texture on the gummy side. There were though more than a few pieces with a lot of meat that was still satisfying to lightly gnaw through.

This day there seemed to have been some kind of kitchen meltdown where frustrated people were leaving left and right. Hope they got it worked out now. A more thorough post of SSBBQ can be read on mmm-yoso here.

Sieu Sieu BBQ, 7429 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

I don't remember the exact price of my RDNS at Yum Cha Cafe but it was ridiculously low.. That should've been a warning sign but oh well.

The watery soup was the blandest of bland and I don't remember much of the duck unfortunately.

The site of hanging roast chicken and duck are always tempting but..

I think I'll stick to more of those snack varieties next time..

Since the pan fried chive dumplings I thought were ok.

Yum Cha Cafe, 6933 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, CA 92111

The RDNS at Minh Ky Mi Gia ($5.75) is the last one for this post. And what, I can't believe this is my first post on MKMG.. Full menu here.

This is the type I typically prefer with the flat leave garlic chives and scallions. To me this place is all about value.. Did I get a half duck with my noodle soup or what?? :)

Soup was decent, the garlic chives and scallions definitely help here in flavor.

Did wish there were more duck drippings with (so I can add to the soup as usual) and I did think the five spice flavor was a bit low but it was still quite tasty.

Mmm meaty duck meat.. and lots and lots of egg noodles.

I need to try the special with crispy chicken that the waitress pointed out to me. In fairness it was on the wall written in Chinese.. Next time.

Minh Ky Mi Gia, 4644 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115

Hope you enjoyed these. Fyi, I'm up for a Part Two - SD Mapo Dofu findings very soon. :)


Anonymous said...

I love this series! So early in the morning and I'm just dying for roast duck. Ah, good times at Golden City! That was a really good lunch we had there. We should really do it again soon.

caninecologne said...

omg - that TARO PIE looks violently violaceous!!! yum!!! Prince would be proud.

i like how you formatted your photos. i need to learn how to do that. seriously, i may be emailing you about that.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CAB! I'll have to ask Kirk where he's been getting his roast duck in SD these days.. My last was at Jasmine Express but I can't remember how it was. As for RDNS, I've been giving it a rest these days.. And yes that was a great lunch we had at Golden City! :)

Hi CC! Partying like it's 1999 ranch market!!? Haha, that kinda doesn't make any sense.. Too bad I never got to get my sister's record collection. My mother gave them away.. :(
I think certain blog templates are particular on how the photos are formatted. Like some doesn't let you place two small photos side by side which was the reason it took so long for me to switch to something new. Anyway email me anytime!

fliu said...


I've never had RDN soup ever. I dont know why! I just really like it either on it's own or Peking style.

What's the soup base supposed to taste like - I'm imagining some sort of Pho like taste?

I'm not a fan of the duck drippings at all - I usually find it too salty and concentrated. I'm wondering if I'd prefer it in soup though.

Have you tried the RDNS at Sam Woo?

Thanks for the post!

Dennis K. said...

Hi F! I'm sensing you're a little sensitive to salt? That's definitely not a bad thing to be. :) To be honest I haven't had an RDNS that I immediately loved right away. I think I sort of enjoy messing with it until it becomes what I like at the end. Yes, I am strange that way, haha. And if you haven't figured out, I'm not at all ashamed of sharing some of the heavy handed 'dude' things I do to my meals on my blog. ;) So everything should be taken with a grain of salt (oops no pun intended here..).
The roast duck drippings at Sam Woo -SD Ranch 99 is definitely saltier than most. I did try the RDNS there, it's in my part one. It was only so-so but one of the cheapest at $4.75. There wasn't a whole lot of duck though.. :(

Liz said...

This post makes me want to get a roast duck now

Dennis K. said...

Hi Liz! The process of posting it made me crave a roast duck too, haha. Recently had a plate at Sam Woo (Ranch 99) while shopping and woo wee the drippings were so salty.. duck wasn't that great either.. :(