Sunday, June 13, 2010

Station Tavern & Burger

A quick post tonight because I need to get up really early in the morning..
Well, I finally had a burger at my second visit to the Station Tavern last week. I was too full during my first but I did try their Tater Tots ($3.50) from a friend's recommendation.

Fried awesomely crispy/crunchy, nicely seasoned with a dash of chili powder and some chopped fresh parsley. These were delicious Tots that I wouldn't mind stuffing in my pockets for later.. :)

I think my first beer I tried this night was called the 30th Street Pale Ale (something close to it anyway..).

I really enjoyed the citrusy flavor. Had a slight bitter rind aftertaste that reminded me of a Hefeweizen. Also reminded me that Summer was almost here! :)

My second visit last week I finally tried their delicious looking burger that everyone was having during my first.. Cheeseburger ($6.50) with garlic fries ($2, with the burger).

A third pound fresh ground chuck. Tasted juicy and very good.

The Challah bun held things together quite nicely but if I were to be picky I thought the balance was a bit off with a bit too much bread. The juicy patty had a nice spice blend. Made me think of doubling it (+$2) next time. I'll have to try and report.. :)

The garlic fries were also great rivaling the tasty tots. They definitely know how to fry up some spuds here.

Many vegetarian options that sound mouthwatering even for an extreme carnivore like me. See you all there! :)

Station Tavern & Burgers, 2204 Fern Street, San Diego, CA 92104


K and S said...

nice change to the looks of the blog! nice food too :)

Dennis K. said...

Thanks K&S! Not sure how long I may stick to it but just trying something new.. I've been wanting to change the template for some time now.

fliu said...

Dennis! I had to do a double take when I went to your blog! The new template is dark and mysterious :)

Oh man, who doesn't love tater tots. Brings back memories of elementary school cafeteria food.

How was the outdoor seating (I think that's what the pics show)? Is it nice and comfortable?

Darlene said...

Always love it when a place has the options of tots on its menu. Sounds like a plus with the additional seasoning.

Dennis K. said...

Hi F! I'm not sure if I'll stick with the new template but been meaning to overhaul the look for a while now.
The outdoor seating at the Station is great. It has a bar atmosphere but there are family with kids everywhere (and a sandbox). Neat spot.

Hi Darlene! Somehow Tots made by someone else always tasted that much better. I guess that's true about food in general. I thought the Challa bun was a fantastic idea until I tried it. It's still a great burger and the price is right.


Good new blog design - It gives the blog a more serious but also darker/mysterious look.

Dennis K. said...

Hi 2F1J! I'm still struggling to find the right balance.. but I was really sick of the dots! haha

Sawyer said...

that spicy black bean burger looks good. nice changeup! did you do it through the new blogger design option? it fits well with the dark pictures you took.

haven't seen tater tots before on a menu, but when i do, i hope they're as good as what you got. and you know this mang

Dennis K. said...

Hey Sawyer! Are you back mang? Yeah I used the new template designer but I'll have to come up with a banner image one of these days.. The tots were great and the least bit oily.