Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cafe 21 - A Quick Revisit

It's so great to see small neighborhood businesses doing well. I posted on Cafe 21 two years ago when they were called Cafe 2121.. Oddly (to no surprise) the majority of the writing was me venting my silly frustration on how I couldn't get over-easy eggs in my breakfast burritos anywhere in town (someone please tell me why!?), haha.

But what left me with such a lasting impression at the cafe was the hard working husband and wife team (whom I believe are Russian) that seemed so determined to make sure that my visit would be a complete joy. If Cafe 21 had a breakfast burrito on their menu without a doubt they'd make the eggs any which way the hell I wished as long as they knew it would make me happy. :)

But here there would be no need since there was something better. Their poached eggs sandwich - Presto Pesto Eggs. Aside from the mushroom omelet that I had once, that's all I've ordered. Anyhow after a couple more of these sandwiches I just stopped visiting for no real reason. Off doing other food bloggery things I guess.

So I've noticed recently driving by that the place had a new sign and even a fresh inviting exterior color. It was also completely filled with people! (The photo below was taken right after the brunch rush.) So great to see. One lazy Sunday after spending time at Twiggs next door I decided to check the place out after the crowd had subsided.

Matching the outside the interior decor had also really come together. Much more cozy now with even a projection slide show of images of their hometown.

I got my usual of course. Prices have gone up some where the soup and sandwich combo is $9.95 (at the time $7.50). Their entire menu can be downloaded online but I had to document the dinner offerings because I particularly love handwritten ones. I think the dinner hours are new for the cafe.

Two poached eggs with roasted red pepper, feta cheese, spring greens and pesto. Messy as ever where I thought the previous version that used a toasted french roll fared much easier to eat. But other than that, equally delicious as my first.

The scratch made soup of the day was chicken vegetable and was also fantastic.

I also had a Super Power Antioxidant Rich Green Tea, iced. Always nice to know all my brunch options in my neighborhood. :)

Cafe 21, 2736 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116


Wandering Chopsticks said...

They're from Azerbaijan. I bookmarked this restaurant so I could try the cuisine. I know they seem to be more popular for brunch, but have you eaten any of the Azerbaijani dishes?

Dennis K. said...

Hi WC! Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately all I see on their menu is New American fare. Omelets, crepes, french toast, etc. The new dinner menu looks a bit more interesting if not a bit limited. As much as I support my local eateries I'm not sure I'd consider the place a destination if you know what I mean.. A nice local hangout though.

Mary said...

At first I thought that first photo was a baked potato for some reason. Looks like a cute little place! The sandwich sounds really tasty!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mary, haha you're right! Now that you mention..
The place definitely gives some life to a zone of Adams Ave that is not so happening. They seem to be loved by the neighborhood. :)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

It's might not be a destination restaurant in general, but it's a destination restaurant if you're, ie. I'm, looking to eat around the world and for Azerbaijani cuisine in particular. :P

I mentioned it to my sister as a place I'd like to try so I can check it off my list. And she accused me of making it up since she's never heard of Azerbaijan. So now, our standing joke is that she refuses to eat "imaginary" cuisine. :P

Dennis K. said...

Good morning WC! Ok, you made me wiki Azerbaijan Cuisine.. Looks delicious! I'm going to have to ask them next time what items on their lunch menu is Azerbaijani cause I know it's not the Monte Christo, haha.. ;) Maybe they offer more of it during dinner.