Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lunching @ The Museum Cafe (MCASD-LJ)

Heigh-ho, hope everyone is having a great weekend. I had a nice drive up the coast to San Onofre and back with my windows rolled down. It was so beautiful and felt great! :) Definitely want to share photos eventually but I've been putting effort into getting many of my older stuff out. My meal photo-documenting hobby started much longer before my blog and so I have quite the backlog that's been bugging me lately. Today I have a few meals from the cafe at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego - La Jolla to share.

If you never been, the Museum Cafe is a nice casual place to bring friends from out of town for both a quick bite or leisurely lunch. Hunting down parking doesn't seem as bad this end of town either and I personally like checking out their bookstore once in a while..

I'm gonna go through these fairly quickly... First up is the Cove Burger ($10.50).

I admit the description of my platonic ideal burger lately has been influenced by reading articles from likes of Damon Gambuto, Nick Solares, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt and (most recently) Josh Ozersky.. So you won't find the crazy crusty char and overflow of juices here, but this was still a nice moist burger with a predominant impact of Smoked Gouda. The somewhat smaller and thin slice of chez shown below actually packs a punch of smoked gouda-ness and was the right amount for my burger IMHO.

Both the multi-sesame seeded bun and texture of the patty is very soft and fine. It's a delicate burger where I subconsciously find my pinky pointing in the air as I take a bite.. ;)

Was about a 3~4 year gap between my second Cove Burger shown below and it tasted exactly the same. The roasted rosemary Yukon Gold Potatoes are fantastic by the way. Yay for consistency. :)

Sorry, I can't seem to find this steak dish on the menu so must have been a special the day.. (?)

Looks really good nevertheless..
I am pretty familiar with the Ultimate Grilled Cheese ($9.95) though. That's because I have a few friends that are die hard melted gooey cheese fans.. ;)

I never had it but I've been told it is very good. Here shown ordered without prosciutto.. (what?).

The Applewood Bacon and Avocado BLT ($9.95) on the other hand was something I had and happily sank my teeth into.

Were a lot of thick-cut crispy smokey bacon. So satisfyingly salty to contrast those cold veggies and ripe avocado.

I had a few soups.. ($3.95 for a cup)

This was a chicken vegetable with a light tumeric flavoring.

Was very nice with large chunks of tender chicken. Wow I guess I'm pretty predictable with my soup shots..

Gazpacho was offered as a special one day.

I remember the cold soup had a great sweet tomato flavor and the cool cucumber and celery was particularly perfect for the warm weather.

I had a whole bowl of their vegetarian chili ($5.50) one day.

Was also good but my one and only dud here was the Roast Beef Sandwich ($9.50). Was mentioned to be certified CAB which I'm sure it was but the cold thin slices were like that of deli meat. I also couldn't detect any truffle oil in the mayoli or caramelized onions.

Otherwise I've been pretty happy lunching here and wouldn't think twice about visiting again.

Good food in a great location..

The view is usually never too shabby.. ;)

Museum Cafe (MCASD), 700 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037


K and S said...

avocado and bacon, I'm there!

Darlene said...

That's a great looking burger and a pretty view too!

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - cool post. my best friend used to work at the moca-sd back in the 90's as curatorial assistant. too bad there was no cafe back then. at least that i can remember.

the yukon golds look delicious!

Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S, haha I know what you mean! :)

Hi Darlene, I like that they give a decent portion of food here.

Hi CC! That's really cool and I bet she had a lot of fun. I moved down to SD in 2000 and only remember the museum as it currently is. The potatoes especially sound good now that I think OD'd on fries recently, haha. :)

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - she used to house sit for hugh davies (the exec director); his wife was the curator (no longer). they lived in mission hills and we had several house parties in their fancy 3 story mission style/craftsman home. of course, they were out of town! i think he had an original francis bacon painting in his house!

Mary said...

Ooo bacon. Looks really good! I was in La Jolla recently but there was no parking so we didn't actually stop (we were playing tourist with a friend from out of town). Must try it sometime!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mary the prices are very average for LJ standards and the atmosphere is very chill. Definitely check out their bookstore on the way out.. :)