Friday, September 24, 2010

Meaty Snacks @ Sausage King

Drove to Sausage King to pick up a quick lunch today..

Close friends had told me they served little sandwiches on a roll which either I never knew or was a relatively new thing.

I did always think that if Sausage King had a small propane grill up front cooking up some of their meats I'd be so all over it.

Mmm, my favorite Weisswurst. According to the lady behind the counter it is occasionally listed here as Bockwurst.

I'll have to come back for them. I needed to order up a few of those little meat sandwiches to bring over to friends (who just had their first baby.. Congrats G.R.A.!!).

Today's special was a German Meat Loaf. The lady spoke out the actual German name of it but for the life of me I can't recall. Might have been because as I was trying to put the name to memory I was distracted by a tasty sample given.

Was still warm from being just made up fresh. It was like an airy low sodium quality Bologna, but with a coarser texture maybe closer to Spam or luncheon meat. The flavoring was simple but good.

These smaller sandwiches ($3) come on chewy sesame rolls with choice of mustard and mayo spread on it if you like. One with the Pepper Meat Loaf for friend as a request, and I chose the fresh Meat Loaf for his Missus. Head Cheese for me.

On hindsight probably best to mix and match meats cause I didn't know it would be packed with so much of it.

The pic above was a result from the classic sandwich fillings being pushed out as you eat but still.. Anyhow the Head Cheese here was not very gelatinous but more livery in texture with pieces of what looked like tongue (could've been heart), hard boiled egg yolks, and few pickled vegetables. Reminds me to mention that we also had them with some pickles picked up here previously in a pickle jar. Was a perfect match.

A few landjaeger links for the road back ($1 a link). Like good pepperoni as described on Dave's Cupboard, if you air dry them for a few days the flavors become more intense. Also doubles as a great air freshener for your car.. ;)

Just kidding of course and should be stored wrapped in paper in a cool location with good air circulation. Hey it's almost Oktoberfest! :)

Sausage King, 811 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103


Darwin D said...

A coworker of mine stopped by Sausage King a couple of weeks back and said they didn't serve any ready-to-eat food, so I guess it must be pretty new. Gotta stop by now to try some of that head cheese!

K and S said...

everything looked great, will be interesting to see what else you try in the future :)

Darlene said...

My husband loves getting their liverwurst (fine grind) from there. Good to know they sell sandwiches there as well now.

kaszeta said...

Will have to remember this place if I'm in the area. It reminds me of my favorite sausage shop up this way (Karl's Sausage Kitchen in Saugus, MA)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Mmm. Ilike headcheese.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Darwin, the head cheese is rich and they gave a lot, so I recommend mixing it up with others.. Thanks for dropping by! :)

Hi K&S, yes it's one of those places you forget about cause it's almost too close by? I should visit more often..

Hi Darlene! I'll have to try that.. Despite the size the sandwiches were deceivingly filling. Now if they only grilled their sausages... :)

Hi Kaszeta, I just googled Karl's, nice looking place! SK is tiny compared and no tables/chairs. We don't have many places like it in SD.. :)

Hi WC, yeah I was starting to crave sweet pickles and cilantro in mine.. ;)

caninecologne said...

ooh, i was just on that same street earlier tonite - went to darlene's husband's book signing at m theory. will have to check out sausage king next time. my husband would totally love this place.

the name of this place brings this to mind,

(Ferris Bueller's Day Off)

and ha ha, the word ver is:

Mary said...

I like your new air freshener. All cars should smell meaty. haha. I have so many "to go to" places. I need a disposable income.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, I heard the M-Theory in South Park is no more? I think you guys will like Sausage King if you haven't been yet. Another one of those time portal places.. I think I'm going to have to rent Ferris Bueller again soon. :)

Hi Mary thanks, and I know what you mean! I go out at lunch a lot but I often offset it with super frugal dinners at home..

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - yeah, the one in south park is gone. it relocated to mission hills. i love it! i want to go back and actually look around because last night, i was chatting with darlene and her husband while he signed my books (cool jerk compilations). i used to really love 'off the record' (on el cajon/college ave) back in the day. they relocated to hillcrest and now are somewhere else as well. i love old record stores...


Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, at one time both M-theory locations were open but didn't know the south park one closed shop. When I moved down to SD in 2000, Off the Record was already on 5th in Hillcrest. I remember one of the guys that worked there looked just like Jason Schwartzman.(!)

caninecologne said...

ha ha, MONO BROW i bet!