Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Talking Trees And Wonder Bread Houses (But No Gnomes)

If most my posts are about divulging my nerdistic tendencies this one is pretty up there. I've slowly become fascinated by Disguised Cell Towers over the years, especially ones disguised as trees. There are a few in a row off the 110 Fwy, just North of the 405. There's even a palm tree version a bit further up. Decided to try to look at one up close. I had my aluminum foil cap and lead underwear on.

You know how you sometimes get off the freeway needing gas and of all the exits you could've taken you end up taking the one that the station is the furthest and most out the way??..... Well I did the Cell Tower version of that this day.

...so close and yet so far...

It looked so easy to get to from the freeway damn it. And this was after a few blocks of driving through a desolated looking industrial park mind you. Finally found a way to get a close up through a patch of land owned by this city for public maintenance works.

Not shown is the padlocked chained fence I managed to limbo dance under. I can convince myself that I'm quite flexible when the right island music is playing on my iPod.

Wow what a beauty. Cutting Edge Cell Tower Technology meets Reusable Christmas Tree technology. I know many may think it's ugly (and I won't disagree) but I'm fascinated by them... (New label tag worthy!)

I remembered passing by this Wonder/Hostess 'Bakery Thriftshop' and checked in mostly because the signage looked so awesome. I mean come on, you gotta love this..

Wonder Bread central. It's a distribution center and they don't make the loaves here. I didn't look carefully but I imagine they're close to passing the due date and so considerably marked down.

$0.85 a loaf. I'm suddenly craving an Egg Salad Sandwich.

Dang, I should've made an offer for that framed panoramic donut/coffee/fresh strawberries picture below. I want it BAD.

$1.29 for an eight-pack of Hostess Cup Cakes. That's eight cents a cup cake. A no take since I don't have the slightest bit of a sweet tooth.

Forgot to ask about the slim jims behind it though. Darn it.


Wandering Chopsticks said...

OK, that might be a little too nerdy even for me. :P There's a tree/cell tower near the freeway on or off ramp to the Getty that's pretty accessible if you're ever up that way. I like the palm tree-like towers. They don't seem as fake somehow?

K and S said...

we have palm tree towers in Hawaii :)

Darlene said...

There's something about the Wonder Bread logo that makes me see dots.... oh wait...

Fake cell phone towers remind me of the fake trees in train sets but life sized!

Mary said...

I like the fake cell phone tower trees. I don't think I've actually seen one, but how neat! I love bakery outlets. There aren't too many in San Diego anymore, but there's one in El Cajon that has Texas Toast. Awww, yeah.

fliu said...

That post was AWESOME. Totally chuckled seeing those trees.

Is a Hostess Cup Cake the same thing as a ding dong? How in the WORLD is it THAT cheap in that store?! Those things don't go bad I thought (that's what they use to tell us when we were kids at least).

Nice post :)

Dennis K. said...

No worries WC, nerdiness comes in all flavors.. ;) Thanks for the disguised cell tower tip! To me the palm trees look just as fake though, haha. :)

Hi K&S, in Texas or Arizona they are cactus shaped or even disguised as water towers. I also heard church steeples are now suddenly prime real estate for these companies....

Hi Darlene, I know what you mean! I don't know what brand it is but the model train tree I have on my mantle is pretty realistic. I wonder if future model train enthusiasts will create special trees that look like cell towers.... (?)

Hi Mary, you made me google Texas Toast! Perfect for french toast or just sopping up the gravy on the plate eh? ;)

Hi Fliu, thanks.. I do get Ding Dongs confused with Sno Balls.. Haha. They are different but all similar with that same tooth enamel melting extremely sugary filling.. My teeth tickles as I write this.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen one of those tree-cell towers before. Weird looking.

I think everything is good with Wonder Bread. Mmmm, egg salad...

Dennis K. said...

Hi CAB, I actually haven't seen many disguised towers in SD either..
Yes, I haven't had an egg salad sandwich in forever. Eggs extra chunky and extra mayo for me.. :)

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - there's a bunch of fake palm trees off the 805 (near national city), there's one i can see off the 905 in the nestor area as well. i like spotting those. there's also another one right behind this pet store off the 805 and East H street.

i've never seen the christmas tree variety tho'.

there's a bakery outlet near bert's mom's place - on the corner of picador and del sol. it's in a tiny run down strip mall. they sell twinkies there. so whatever brand that is. another bakery outlet is off of main st in south chula vista and another one in national city - it's the same strip mall where hanaoka is.

i haven't had wonder bread in years. my mom would make us spam and egg sandwiches for school. or sometimes canned liverwurst sandwiches.

here's a song you should have been playing on your ipod as you snuck in under that fence, "Theme to Mission Impossible"! :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, thanks for all the great cell tower info! The palm tree version is pretty funny, it's dead straight frozen and nothing sways, haha.
Have you noticed Tom Cruise has way too many movies with that dorky communication headset on??? He even had one on in Rain Man (in the beginning of the movie when he's dealing with a client). minority report. jerry maguire is another one. Must be in his contract, haha.