Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yoshoku And Teishoku - What I'm Typically In The Mood For By A Japanese Lunch..

So when I'm in the mood for a "Japanese lunch," some of my friends may be surprised to know that I'm not at all thinking of Sushi, Soba, Udon, or Teriyaki. A hot bowl of rice and miso soup yes, but most times I'm dreamy of the main to be more maybe a highly fillerized tender moist hamburg steak patty.. Deep fried panko breaded shrimp, oysters or pork cutlet.. Maybe even a ketchup flavored fried rice or pasta dish. If said dishes were offered as a lunch set Teishoku and placed on a rectangular serving tray with Radiused Corners, even better. :)

Found a few nice YouTube clips that I wanted to share of these casual diner type Teishoku-ya's. Some with major warm fuzzies inducing character. I got lucky with the quality of the first four on YouTube channel ywayTV01. The editing is a bit choppy and I wish they did away with the orchestral background music (so I can hear more of the actual occurring sounds when in a kitchen), but otherwise they're made fairly professionally..

First up this Japanese Hamburg at I think a place called Jiyuuken (自由軒) looks so comforting and neat. Love the front entrance.

A ketchup flavored fried pasta Naporitan here at Fontana (フォンターナ) since I've been on a roll with them these days. This version has fancy schmancy shrimp in it which I personally wouldn't care much for if mine but looks good nevertheless.

Next at ドーマ (Doma), looks to be an extra value oriented lunch set centered around a Ginger Pork Donburi called the Doma-don Set.. Looks Doma-Delicious.. ;)

There are a few more but last from the series here is the fried chicken Karaage Lunch Set - Tori-Karaage Teishoku at Atago-Shokudou (あたご食堂).. Pretty basic stuff but the amount of chicken given is quite generous.

Next something even more simple but equally satisfying, an egg sandwich Tamago Sando at a hole in Kyoto called コロナ (Corona). The place is run by a 94 y.o. chef and the spot is touted to be the oldest Yoshoku restaurant in Kyoto (has been in business for 64 years according to the clip).

If you can get pass the boring talk in the beginning you'll be rewarded with the beautiful sight of a tamago sando that took five extra-large eggs to make.

The fine textured Japanese bread is spread with some demi-glace sauce and mustard. Yum-O.
Another Tamago Sando on a Pasco Bread CM here.

A Hayashi Rice at Baikotei (梅香亭) in Yokohama. This place supposedly has also been in business for 78 years.. The clip again has a longer intro but the visual of the hayashi rice later is super rewarding.

As far as I know there is only one place in SD that offers a Hayashi anything. Their version is a bit too sweet for me but might be worth a try if you're curious of strips of beef and onion stewed in Japanese demi-glace and poured over rice. ;)

Last, I imagine the author Roxytap is a bit tipsy on sake during this mid-day eating adventure of a katsudon. He's sober enough to video the whole thing so cheers to him because quite frankly I'm really glad there are people out there like him. :)

As always too many more favorites to list, and of course in some years time a few of these links may annoyingly disappear. But people around the world with a hobby of documenting their meals each day, I hope never will. :)

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