Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour - Documentary

Posting on a subject I know close to nothing about but that's sort of the point today since I'm extremely curious to find out more.. And lucky me, both Sausage and Bread and also Hawk Krall's blog mentioned about the documentary - A Connecticut Hot Dog Tour, which had just come out on DVD for purchase. Yay! :)

From what I understand there isn't one definitive style of Hot Dogs in Connecticut, but people just love them there. I think that means I heart the State of Connecticut. These various dogs all with their own distinctive character are sold from shacks old and new, food trucks, mobile trailers to one even from a boat.. :)

A few selected clips from the filmmaker's YouTube CToriginals Channel..

Blackie's have been open since the early thirties..

And how can you say no to a visit from a place called Super Duper Weenie!

Glenwood Drive-In grill their dogs individually. Mouthwatering!

But I think my favorite must-visit of the bunch is at Capitol Lunch.

I-MUST-TASTE-THAT-FAMOUS-SAUCE........ This secret savory meat sauce is topped on a very local brand of hot dog with natural casing called Martin Rosol's.. Even Martha Stewart approves, so it must be a good thing.

And as mentioned, hot dogs off a boat. Weiners On Water. Sounds like a Disney show, ha.

Official trailer to the documentary:

And if you do decide you want to purchase the DVD, I'd suggest getting it through Hawk Krall who did the Cover Art for the box. For $29 he's going to throw in a 11x17" giclee print of the artwork. (Total deal!)

A quick run down collection of regional hot dog styles on Serious Eats.


K and S said...

everything looked great!

Randy said...

This article made me hungry.

edjusted said...

If you like hot dogs, and you're ever up in Vancouver, I have one word for you: Japadog! They're seriously good and live up to the hype!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Edjusted, you know I'm not sure if it was your blog but I totally remember hearing about them! I visited Vancouver once and saw my first Bald Eagle at that suspension bridge! [Circa 1990]