Saturday, October 9, 2010

I ♥ Philadelphia - Part 4 - Another (Accidental) Cheesesteak @ Pat's

Are you tired of all the cheesesteak photos yet? I hope not cause I saved the best for last. Is this an amazing beautiful sight or what???

I was aimlessly driving around town after my late night visit to Jim's Steaks and found myself near familiar street names during when I visited Pat's and Geno's the night before.

Since I bought a T-shirt at Jim's I thought I wouldn't mind having one from Pat's too.

Well thanks to the extremely efficient ordering system that is comparable to a high level programming language here, I discovered that it's actually possible to accidentally order a cheesesteak. The cashier mumbled something, and I mistakenly said yes, haha. ;)

I ended up with a Whiz Wit and while I typically wouldn't ever complain about that, it was past 1AM and I wasn't exactly that hungry. Well at least I'd be having a tasty breakfast the morning..

But it did give me a chance to try the Whiz version at Pat's and also those hot peppers that I missed out on the first visit. I actually loved those little dark dry ones that seemed further heated in oil. It wasn't too hot if you avoided the seeds and was lightly sweet and very nutty in flavor.

Yup, I liked the seasoned beef here that I can taste even through all that whiz. (Still prefer provolone though.) The onions weren't as caramelized as the night before but ample and sufficient. Cold the next morning, like a good slice of pizza no problem. And that bread is amazing to stay so pliable like that!

Well this concludes my posts in Philly. Hope you enjoyed it. I also got to visit the "Rocky Steps" and statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art after my roast pork sandwich in Reading Terminal Market the last day. Yes, I ran up the steps (embarrassing..). I think the statue used to be at the top of the steps but now relocated to a new location below.

Reminds me I'm going to have to work off all these calories in the next month. But while running I might be singing to myself instead, "Rib-Eye of the Tiger....." haha! ;)

Man this music video is so bad that it's good. Love the spared no expense black trash bag backdrop with fan.

Hope to visit you again Philadelphia!


Anonymous said...

OMG, cheese wiz steak! What a beautiful sandwich.

Hehe, have you ever watched Supernatural on CW? Yes, I admit I'm fan and everytime I hear "Eye of the Tiger" I think of Jensen Ackle's rendition of that song. Makes me chuckle everytime.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CAB, I really love the lyrics to that song, haha. ;) I've seen one or two episodes of Supernatural but does that song come up?

Mary said...

Cheesesteaks will never grow old!

Darwin D said...

ARGH!! Im sick for a few days and I come back to see Cheesesteak galore. Youre so lucky to be in Philly! Can never go wrong with a Philly wit wiz.

Dennis K. said...

Haha, I'm glad to hear Mary! For me it'll probably be a while until a crave another. Will then check out Kirk's post again to see where I'd want to try here in SD.. :)

Hi Darwin hope you're feeling better! I personally prefer provolone but if the meats are unseasoned I welcome the whiz.. ;)

caninecologne said...

hell yeah! you did THE ROCKY STEPS!!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

"I must break you" Drago

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, did you see the Survivor clip?? That keyboard guy wearing the white t-shirt is awesome!

caninecologne said...

yeah, i love cheesy old 80s videos! good choice!!!!

K and S said...

yummy looking sandwiches wit the whiz.

Dennis K. said...

A Cheesy video for a Cheesy sandwich haha.. Good point CC. :)

Hi K&S, I prefer Provolone but I have to admit I can't turn down a Whiz Wit either.. ;)