Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wrandom Wednesday Wramblings - Another Mitsuwa Fair (Ramen Stubs Liberated!?) And Stuff I Ate Recently..

Dang, I thought last month was bad.. Crazy swamped busy and will continue until at least end of November. Thank goodness for this hobby of mine for a bit of stress-free outlet. Helps in keeping myself from flying over the cuckoo's nest, haha. ;)

I usually rely on Edjusted of The Ramen Blog to update me with the next Mitsuwa Fair and related famous Ramen shop guests coming but maybe he's been swamped like me too...

Well on my last fun but slightly flawed Mitsuwa Hokkaido Fair coverage I was whining about how they stopped giving out the payment stubs for the Ramen tastings. May sound trivial to some but hear me out.. (The photo below is from a fair from 2008.)

I'm trying my best to consolidate this portion of my thoughts just to be more efficient... Well I kept my promise and did write (email with links to my site and post) to Mitsuwa. I noticed more than a few hits from headquarters on my Sitemeter the preceding days but any reply back was a no show. (That's a pretty lame customer public relations attitude if you ask me..)

I ended up calling Mitsuwa (Torrance) directly and after a few phone tags back and forth (with my true name and cell number as the return contact) I ended speaking to a very nice lady who was in charge of I think the marketing end of the entire meiten Ramen portion of the fair. Sweet.

Consolidating my long winded thoughts yet again but basically the stubs are kept in-house for stocktaking purposes. Why they need both the smaller and larger beats me.. And why they have taken the time (and money) to print these stubs so attractively (so that you actually might want to keep them??) leaves me clueless.

Anyhow what I was told is that if you ask for the large stub as a souvenir, the cashier is supposed to respond positively. My negative experience during the (at least) last four fairs was from I imagine an ill-properly trained staff. It happens.(?) But in any case if you want to keep the stub, it should be yours. We'll see. ;)

The coming 2010 Mitsuwa Fall Gourmet Fair and the visiting ramen shops can be read about here (starting tomorrow!). I'm really looking forward to both Nantsuttei and Nidaime Tsujita!

Otherwise it's been a pretty non-gourmet week but always interesting nonetheless. Maybe I'll post about them more in detail in the future..

I have been also uploading the photos I take of menus from restaurants I visit in my Menu Vault but wanted to reiterate here that I don't endorse any of the places by doing so. My menu vault was simply created as a convenient location of where I store all my menus, the good, the average, the not so good, and maybe some great. It's there mostly for me but also for you. :)

Random stuff. I'll update the actual name of the brand but this frozen bag of Pork/Vegetable steamed bun I found at Marukai Market (SD) has been so far the best priced and closest rendition of a classic Japanese Nikuman. The flavor and consistency of the filling that nice nikuman evenness, haha. ;) I've only microwaved them out of laziness but I'm sure are better when steamed.


Darn, I always wished I owned one of these nikuman steamers (along with a refrigerated sushi neta case in my kitchen haha).

Uni sea urchin crackers I found at Mitsuwa-SD the other night. Was around $3.50.

Had a few since and while the Uni flavor is veeeeerrry light. I can kind of taste it and it's been strangely addicting. At least Uni is listed in the list of ingredients and they're relatively cheap. ;)

What I had for lunch today. I don't know about you but sometimes I'm just in a mood for a Crispy Beef Taco Combo....

I'll be honest and say the Roberto's by my house is my favorite for crispy beef tacos, but this version at Papa Chito's was a tad healthier in comparison. Very moist shredded beef but much less greasy and salty. It still easily managed to hit that spot though.

The rice did it's job and the tasty refried beans were extra creamy in texture. :) Full Papa Chito's menu here.

That's about it for tonight.. Sorry so Wrandom. It's Wednesday.


K and S said...

a great array of different foods. I hope they let you keep one of those ramen stubs, you are right, they don't need both!

CAB said...

I liked this post! I like seeing all the various foods. I hope you get to keep the stub next time.

Uni crackers?! I've got to try them. I love all sorts of crackers.

Kirbie said...

I must try the uni rice crackers!!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks K&S. You know at this point I almost don't care about the stubs, but I'm annoyed by the lack of the act of generosity.. haha.

Thanks CAB, the post took me a couple nights to put together. I'm glad I added the crunchy beef tacos at the end, hee hee. ;)

Hi Kirbie, the crackers hardly tasted of uni but it was fun to try for three bucks, haha. ;)

Mary said...

I need to go to Mitsuwa again. I love just looking at all of the packaging for stuff and trying out things. It's fun and I haven't done it in awhile.

fliu said...

Why can't they have that Fair here :( Is it only in the OC? That's so unfair (no pun intended).

Maybe you can use your powers and talk to Mitsuwa HQ to get them to have something here in SD :)

BTW - i went to Yokohama Yakitori the other night and liked it!

Junichi said...

Can't wait for this weekend's Mitsuwa food fair. Hopefully I can hit up both Torrance and Costa Mesa. There's also a new ramen joint in Torrance called Yamadaya that looks promising too.

caninecologne said...

hi dennis
holy hell, what kind of $%#&# table is THAT? i'm talkin' 'bout the white mosaic table top with the gold in between (the lumpia or egg roll photo). ugh! and i apologize in advance if that is actual furniture that you own!


i've never had real uni, but i'll try those crackers!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mary, I know what you mean! I always have a great time visiting Vietnamese markets or Ranch 99 for that matter for the same reasons. :)

Hi Fliu, I believe the fair is running in Mitsuwa SD. It'll just be at a smaller scale and also no special Ramen portion. I think the much smaller food court in Mitsuwa SD limits to what they can do.
I'm glad you liked Yakitori Koubo!

Hi Junichi I read Rameniac's review on Yamadaya and I can't wait to check them out too. I really dig the super casual atmosphere they seem to have! I love that they serve katsu plates there. It seems like such a great unpretentious So. Cal. hybrid vibe. :)

Hi CC, haha! I knew if anyone you'd comment about that. They're an uber Americanized Chinese place that I may or may not post about. They sell burgers and hot wings too. I especially love the table together with the cushy red vinyl seats. :)