Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Few Hearty Meals @ Super Cocina

I got up past noon today, haha. Still trying to get over a lingering cold that's been long drawn out. I needed to eat so dragged myself over to Super Cocina for lunch since I was in the mood for some guisado.

A guisado combination plate goes for under eight bucks ($7.69). Oh the tough decision in choosing only two.. They give you little tasters here which is great.

Looking over at another customer's plate I became really curious of this white sauced chile pepper with pomegranate sprinkled on top.
I swore the lady had said it was Chile en Nogales but not a lot came up when googling later. After more searching I found it was Chiles en Nogada. (A Chiles en Nogada recipe on The Masa Assassin here!)

Visits to Super Cocina always make me realize how much more I can learn about diverseness in cuisines. These discoveries are always exciting to me, but blogging about it without sounding like a total idiot can be a challenge at times. :P So I apologize in advance that my description of the meals will be pretty basic. And if any of you readers have information/stories to share I'd be happy to hear them. My blog is as much about sharing the meals I've eaten as much as about the process of learning more about them. :) (You should read my very first Pho post. ... Or maybe not. Haha.)

Anyhow, unlike the cheese stuffed Chile Relleno, I was given the heads up that the Chiles en Nogado would be sweet including the stuffed meat filling of the roasted poblano chile. I can go for that..

The lightened tart cream like topping was quite on the sweetened end, any flavor of walnuts would be very subtle. The ground meat based filling (I'm guessing beef) was more savory with a touch of sweetness and was great with the pomegranate. It was difficult to identify all the ingredients but it had a great texture with some aromatic spices. I'd totally order this again but it got me curious in trying versions at other places as well. Anyone know where they have it on the menu down here?

The stewed chicken was extremely tender as usual, the meats easily peeling off the bone with only the use of my plastic fork. The stew liquids, some soaking in with the rice was deep in flavor and really great. Just what I was in the mood for.

Had the chicken mole poblano once.

The mole poblano sauce was on the sweet side and also quite rich bordering heavy. I'm glad it wasn't too licorice-y like at some places, one of my mole pet peeves. A little of the sauce went a long way and complemented the beans and rice well, they usually being on the under seasoned side.

I can't exactly remember what I had next to it. Could've been a sope or maybe an empanada. These as with enchiladas or tostadas are pre-made on steam trays along with the stews so depending on the time of day I come in, I may pass up on them if it looks too dry. Judging by the looks of the lettuce on my meal seems freshly made here.

And the smaller bowl I would bet a pork Pozole but it might've been one of the other soups.

Nice and brothy with loads of hominy.

On another visit seems I had both a red and green version of the pork stew.

I do remember it being rather heavy, like food coma inducing but easily delicious in right portions. Also a note here that the meats in these rather rustic dishes tend to be cut rough and can have smaller bones here and there. Easy enough to pick through though.

Last, I must have planned ahead for leftovers and asked for my meal in a to-go container. I can't remember much of the enchiladas verde (looks a bit dry to me) but that deep red pork stew was off the hook in flavor, if not quite a bit on the oily side. Again the rich meal stretched out well into dinner later with the accompanied steamed corn tortillas.

I don't go to SC that often but when I'm in the mood for a hearty guisados plate they've managed to never let me down.

For this I gladly spent over a half an hour digging up the rest of the photos (since I never take the time to label them after downloading) so to give Super Cocina some bloggery love. I realized then the Mole Poblano plate was taken over two years ago. But it's always fun sifting through old stuff and it gave me ideas for future posts.

I remember Exile Kiss had done a very nice thorough post on Super Cocina and can be read about here. Clayfu had done one as well and there are more than a few Chow Hound discussions on the place that are worth reading as well.

Super Cocina, 3627 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104


K and S said...


hope you get over your cold soon!

Sawyer said...

o my gracious, that is some major food porn. i've read about this place and definitely want to check it out. i've pretty much stopped making a list of places i want to try because there's no point lol...what i will add though is try to make pozole sometime this month because that stuff is awesome.

i think your descriptions are definitely a lot better than mine (but then again, knowing me, that's not saying much =p )

still, it's great to see things i've never seen before! keep it up dennis!

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - ooh, i've been meaning to check out this place as well. heard good stuff about it. i'll ask my friends if they serve that chile en nogada down here in chula vista.

get well soon. it sux being sick with a cold especially since it's difficult to taste your food! bummer!

moowiesqrd said...

Yikes... I hate lingering colds. Hope this one clears completely soon! It's funny that you're posting about SC, since I was just remarking to D. that I have a hankering for a proper meal at SC. While on the subject of mole... I hear the moles at Cantina Mayuhuel are awesome and even better than SC's. Definitely need to go there along with a few good meals at Super Cocina.

Dennis K. said...

Thanks K&S, I actually took the day off today...

Hi Sawyer I'm looking forward to your pozole recipe! thanks..

Hi CC, thanks. The CeN at SC was smaller. I'm looking forward in having one super sized like some chile relleno you see.

Thanks moowiesqrd for the mole tip at Cantina Mayuhuel! I'll have to check them out. When I visited my friends in Silver Lake I used to like the version at El Conquistador.. but we were there probably more for the strong margaritas.. ;)

Mary said...

There must be something going around because I've got a cold, too! I've been meaning to check out this place for awhile but I just haven't. But seeing you post about it reminded me that I want to go!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mary, they're so great about giving you a taster for anything. Looking forward to your post.. :)