Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some Stuff @ Costco

Quickly finishing an older queued work in progress post. I'm super tired and practically brain dead but this must be therapy for me.

A few random photos of Some Stuff @ Costco:

Relatively recent visit to Costco (Morena) with friends. I don't have a membership so just tagged along. It's been forever since I visited last so I admit it was kinda fun again.

Blocks of Butter. I like how the illustration to the side looks like Lego Blocks. I'm holding it like a sissy cause that fridge is so cold mang.

Next, a Giant box of Jimmy Dean Croissants... My hands look like a kid's compared, haha. Somehow my urge to purchase it was subsided by me taking this photograph. If only this technique worked on my meals for dieting... *sigh*

BTW, did you know this Morena Blvd location was the first ever Price Club which eventually combined with Costco (that I think started in Washington?). I heard it was an old aircraft hangar before..

I always thought the Ribeye Steaks here were an especially good value. Nothing fancy long aged or anything but for the consistent quality can't beat that price. The steaks are so thick though that I learned to slice them in half sideways (with a really sharp knife) to make one into two thinner slabs which are the most perfect for Japanese Wa-Fu style steaks. Time to grate some daikon and make use of that older ponzu in my fridge again, haha. ;)

Last, a random large bottle of nutmeg flavored melted ice cream.. or I mean Eggnog. I actually like the stuff during holidays.

Reminded me there were quite a few Pennsylvania Dutch peeps at the Reading Terminal Market in Philly when I visited. But if you see anyone wearing this dorky red shirt in our town...

Holla, cause it'll most probably be me.. haha. ;)


K and S said...

looks like you had fun there :)

fliu said...

I totally chuckled while reading thru your post. I LOVE costco and I don't really know why. Like honestly, WHO gets tired of going to Costco. It's like an adult Disneyland for me.

I also love their ribeye. They have a Prime version i think that costs alot more. I've also gotten their prime rib and it cooked up nicely.

Have you tried their carne asada bake roll at their Food Court?

caninecologne said...

first of all dennis,
OMFFFFG - the word ver is:


ha ha ha!!!! sounds like a really really bad villain with elephantitis of the, well, you know.

okay, now for my real comment - i love going to costco when it's not crowded. the one near me (rancho del rey) is pretty nice - i always like getting our SPAM there - they had the SPAM hot dogs a few months ago too!


Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S, it's been so long it was! :)

Hi Fliu, haha glad at least one person found the post entertaining.. Haven't tried the carne asada bake roll yet. Am I missing out?
I heard you can get sauerkraut for your dogs if you ask..

Hi CC, I have a special word verification library switched on just for you.. ;) Spam hot dogs?? I need to try that at least once. :)