Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Blog, Another OXXO

So I found there's a blog out there that the person photographs OXXO stores. I didn't know at the time but OXXO is supposedly the 7-11 equivalent in Mexico. The photos are all beautiful, check them out.

(image: Otro OXXO -

Inspired, I dug out a few of my own photos taken in Mexico. Rather not say which city for now but it's not TJ.

[speed bumps]




[bacon wrapped dog at a mexican quickie mart]

I had to include something food related.. Could've been at an OXXO. I just don't remember.


K and S said...

ooh bacon wrapped, nice!

Michael said...

Dude! cool pics! I love Mexico and traveling down there. Another OXXO is hysterical..aye chihuahua! I should post my many photos of my favorite Mexican convenience store and that would be Don Pistos!

Liz said...

I'm a fan of bacon wrapped anything :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S! It's often called the tj (tijuana) dog here.

Hi Michael, ah thanks.. I was using a cheap point and shoot but colors seem so vivid there. I seriously want to see those pics!!

Hi Liz, I know what you mean.. :) Grilled bacon wrapped cherry tomato skewers some yakitori house do are great.

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - cool pix. they look like they're from a diff't era. and bacon dogs - yeahhh....

never heard of oxxo - gotta ask my mexican friends about it.

Dennis K. said...

Thanks CC.. Actually the blog may be TJ based, so not sure if OXXO is popular throughout Mexico.