Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Milk Rapper - Shibori

Emcee Shibori representing "Holstein Style"..

A longer clip that includes a geniusly cute intro to the television show milkchapon and a hilarious convo with bartender and milk loving school kid that unwinds at Milk Bar Moo Jersey.

Milk Japan's info taken from youtube channel milkchapon:

MILK JAPAN conducts grassroots activities under the motto - "Making Japan energetic with milk!", to support the healthy growth of children through drinking of milk. On this channel, we deliver various video contents mainly from the TV program "Milk Chapon -- MILK JAPAN for All", broadcast weekly on Friday mornings from 4:35am on TBS.

Neat! :)

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Mary said...

If this were on a notecard, it would have the rapper dude, with a cow over his shoulder and a quote that said something like, "I am very enthusiastic about tasty milk!"