Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Lunches @ Wa Dining Okan

Sharing more of my meals from this hobby of photo-documenting the food I eat.. Tonight lunches I've had at Wa Dining Okan again. My last recent Okan post of a dinner and more lunches here. The rest are kinda scattered about my blog..

Although I recently noticed the sides are now available by themselves at an extra cost, for the better value the drill still is to first order the Basic Set for $6.50 then add a side, or two as I sometimes do when extra hungry. The very healthy basic set typically looks like so..

Comes with some hijiki brown rice (lower left), a piping hot miso soup with lots of vegetables (lower right), homemade pickles (center bottom) and a three taster "tapas" (top) that can range from some Asian potato salad to simmered gobo root..

..renkon lotus root with minced meat, simmered sansai mountain vegetables..
..spicy cucumber salads, kabocha pumpkin..

..and eggplant simmered in miso (which was really great this day) to name a few.

The rice can be switched to white if you like and seconds are free up to an extra half bowl.

As for the weekly changing sides to add, they can range from $3.00 ~ $4.50.
One week was an individual portioned sukiyaki that came in a cute tiny lidded nabe.

The flavor of the soy sauce/sugar/mirin broth was spot on and the herby flavor of the shungiku wonderful. In sukiyaki a raw egg is commonly offered as a dip but a poached egg here. Dippity do da.. Yummo.

One week Kaki Fry (panko fried oysters) were on the menu.

I later received an extra one cause the sizes can vary. I wish now I took a shot after I bit into one but it was perfectly medium-rare with lots of briney oyster liquids inside.

The ginger pork during one lunch had great flavor too.

I did wish it had the pan liquids but the chic and slightly more formal atmosphere Okan has it wasn't like I'd be pouring it over my rice or anything..... ;)
Tonkatsu pork cutlet. They understand the concept of carryover heat where the leaner hire cut was tender and still moist in the center.

Okan usually also has a daily special, recently of various fancy donburis. Below an Una-don that replaces the rice in the basic set for $13.50.

Admittedly on the high side, especially for the quantity but the eel kabayaki was reheated wonderfully by actual grilling and inarguably was great with its extremely fine meat texture.

Despite my carnivorous tendencies, I've come to discover any of Okan's tofu offerings are never disappointing. They're usually never under flavored and have punchy flavors. Fried tofu in sweet Japanese gravy with sesame seeds..

Really great and was surprisingly filling. But the tofu steak with roasted bonito flakes from another day below was So good. But I know the photo doesn't do it justice..

The reserved drizzle of a tart black vinegar sauce was just right, the extra smoky bonito flakes was wonderful, and it had these really great crunchy garlic bits on it damn it.
Below the fried tofu with vegetable and Japanese gravy sauce that really hit the spot too.

I never usually partake in dessert as much as Okan's are great because my severe lack of a sweet tooth. But I gave in one day and tried the Macha Panna Cotta.

The sweetness was very reserved with the custard portion having a light coffee flavor. You'd think it'd totally crash with the bitter green tea Macha topping but it was really good.(!)

With all the weekly and daily changes that goes on with the menu, Okan can really benefit from a Twitter account. Just sayin'.. :)

A friendly reminder that lunch at Okan is cash only and happens on weekdays, plus now also Saturdays. Cheerios.

Wa Dining Okan, 3860 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111


K and S said...

yummy lunches!

Kirbie said...

I love coming here for lunch! I havent tried the matcha panna cotta before. I love the dark green color

moowiesqrd said...

Oooh, that looks really good. I might have to drag a coworker there some time soon. Despite all of the great word-of-mouth, I have yet to try Okan or Oton.

Mike said...

I love how the first three pictures look the same until you pay closer attention. It would have been four, but they switched up the rice and the soup on you.

As it happens, we're having ginger pork for dinner tonight - yum!

Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S yes! And I'll be home very soon! :)

Hi Kirbie I like how I can nibble on the basic set while they're making my side. It's great that I usually can be in and out in a half hour..

Hi moowiesqrd, I heard there's been changes at Oton (for the better). The menu is more reasonably priced and they have new chefs. My experiences in the past they were ok but I wasn't exactly impressed especially for the price. I need to revisit soon.

Hi Mike, yeah that fourth pic should've had the miso soup to the right. Check out this google images link of teishoku's! One of those things I never really paid much attention to but it feels more natural that way (for right handers anyway) with the all important bowl of rice closest to you.
I love ginger pork! It's hard to find thinly sliced pork in non asian markets. I powder it lightly with flour before frying for better sauce adhesion. I have a link to a blogger in Japan that only posts on all the pork shogayaki he eats. It's written in Japanese but fun. Wow that was a long comment. ;) Cheers.