Monday, January 31, 2011

Lunching @ Oton

Oton is now open for lunch. As with the sister restaurant Okan, Oton keeps options simple. Here the focus is on value oriented donburi bowl sets, udon, soba. Oton's lunch menu here. [Update: Check out my Part Two lunch visits post here!]

The Yakitori-don ($8 with miso soup, +$2 mini soba substitution).

Came with Tori Soboro seasoned minced chicken, quail eggs, grilled chicken gizzard and thigh meat. For eight bucks and to include miso soup and a small side wasn't a bad deal at all. Really enjoyed the Soboro so I knew I'd be getting the Soboro-don eventually.

I opted for the mini soba for an extra $2. The noodles were fairly standard but the broth that was on the light side had a nice scratch made fresh taste.

The Uni/Ikura-don (cleverly named Hokkai-don, $10.50). You get a choice of regular or sushi rice. I usually get regular.

Was impressed with the fair amount of Uni for the price. The salmon roe was also a decent amount. Loved the tamago, nice and sweet. Too bad the rice was a bit mushy this day. A nice lunch it was though. And the miso soup was great, which is always key for me in becoming a return customer.

The Tori Soboro-don set was the cheapest at $6.50. The minced chicken meat was flavored really well and even without the mini udon option (+$2) it was a good and satisfying fill.

The Udon's broth as with the soba's was on the light side, but this is typical Kansai style execution. The tororo konbu was a nice touch. The udon and soba can be had as a full serving.

I usually never have dessert but this day was an exception I guess. There's always room for azuki ice cream in my belly. But I recommend the Macha Panna Cotta for something a little more different.

For the calorie conscious there were two interesting "Salad Donburi's" as well. Hope to be back with friends next time and take over one of them cozy nooks.. :)

Always nice to have another Japanese lunch option in town!

Oton, 5447 Kearny Villa Rd # D, San Diego, CA 92123


OkiHwn said...

Man, those are three good looking donburi sets!

K and S said...


Sandy said...

Thanks for the info! I work in the area, and will try it out soon. Parking is a pain though.

kirbie said...

I haven't tried this place out yet but the lunch specials look like a good deal. The Yakitori don looks yummy and the uni don has so much uni! Can't wait to check it out.

kirbie said...

Do you know if they are open for lunch on weekends?

moowiesqrd said...

I really need to get out here for lunch one of these days. Those sets look incredible. That uni... whew! I'm normally not a fan of the stuff, but when it's beautiful and fresh, it's amazing. I'll eat anything topped with ikura, though.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Nate, Kat, for the price they definitely weren't bad deals at all.. :)

Hi Sandy, luckily my lunch hour starts at 11:30 so I tend to have better luck with parking, but I know what you mean about how it can get there.. If you bring friends maybe you'll get to sit in those cute nooks which I haven't had the chance yet. :)

Hi Kirbie, I thought it was pretty decent for the price. For now lunch is listed as M~F only.

Hi Moowiesqrd, funny I'm that way with Ikura too! Anyway I thought the quality was right for the price. And it's nice to have a place not serving teri chicken for a change... ;P

KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - I've got to check them out during lunch one of these days.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk funny I think I enjoyed the cheapest soboro-don the most. I also need to go see sam at sushi yaro again soon...