Saturday, January 8, 2011

Manny's TJ Tacos Update

Yikes, I slept close to 40-hrs straight.. Is that bad? Despite, the medicine I picked up at Haneda Airport didn't seem to be cutting it so switched to Nyquil and hoping that'll do the trick.

I was craving some TJ tacos and found Manny's operating tonight in a trailer off their former landlord's Corner Liquor adjacent parking lot. My first post of Manny's TJ Tacos here.

I had one of each of Carnitas, Carne Asada and Lengua. They were out of Cabeza and please also blame the messy looking garnish that was my choosing on me. I don't trust my taste buds at the moment with my cold so I'll refrain from detailed comments but they were definitely great late night fills, especially for only $1.25 a pop.

I think they said they were open everyday from 9PM~2AM except on Thursdays but please correct me if you know different. Cheers.

Manny's TJ Tacos (Parking Space @ Corner Liquor), 3355 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116


K and S said...

sometimes sleep is what cures you :) take care!

Darwin D said...

For some reason, due to your vacation, I thought you had these tacos in Japan haha. Glad you made it back safe and hope you feel better!

caninecologne said...

get well soon dennis!!!

those tacos were a bargain!

Mary said...

Manny's tacos are totally awesome. Hope you feel better soon!

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, thanks! I'm definitely getting better. Yeah it's hard to see any under a $1.50 these days... :)

Hi Mary, there were some drunk people in front of me that had ordered up a storm so I had to wait a bit. I'm definitely gonna go back when my cold goes away! Maybe even try a TJ hot dog.. ;)

Dennis K. said...

Oops, sorry K&S and Darwin... Thanks, I'm feeling much better!