Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Okinawa Soba - Part Four: Hanaori Soba

I've been following and have been a fan of Nate's Hwn Pake In Okinawa blog for some time now, drooling at all of his documented photos of Okinawa sobas and other local cuisines (including many bentos) back when he still lived and was stationed on the island. Hanaori was one of Nate's suggestions he had given me after asking before I took off for vacation. Hanaori's Tebichi Soba (600-yen). :)

I visited Hanaori on my final day and though my ideal self imposed quota was to have at least ten bowls of Okinawa Soba before leaving, if I didn't include a couple 100-Yen soba snacks I've randomly had, this fourth was to unfortunately be my last proper bowl.

To say the tebichi pork trotters were soft would be a serious understatement where the completely fat rendered flesh would be all but the remaining gelatin, its texture almost comparable to warabimochi. It's tenderness, I imagine from being stewed in copious amounts of Awamori and the flavor of delicately light naturally sweet soy sauce and maybe konbu seaweed. The medium-light broth was great and so were the noodles. A drizzle of Koregusu, island chili pepper infused awamori for a little spice and mild alcohol kick later.

My only regrets were that I couldn't try more of what was on Hanaori's menu! The neighborhood kids on their bicycles who pointed me the way had said the yakisoba was cheap, filling and the bomb, and the Yoshoku lover that I am I was so curious of their Cream Croquettes.. A week on the island was just too short. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion Nate!


K and S said...



I adore soba noodles,
they make such wonderful meals!
Very-very beautiful pictures also!

Michael said...

OMG!! those trotters look overwhelmingly fantastic!!

OkiHwn said...

Very nice piece on Hanaori! So nice to see the inside of that place again, and seeing my favorite tebichi soba again too. I've sat at all the tables (including the one you were sitting at in the tatami area). Looks small but if you looked upstairs, there's a whole room twice the size of the downstairs eating area that is all tatami. Thanks for the memories!

KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - Those pig's feet are calling to me!