Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Okinawa Soba - Part One: Hamaya Soba

Because the lack of use of any buckwheat in the noodles, Okinawa Soba is technically not a true soba in the Nihon Soba sense, nor is it udon or even a variation of ramen which it is often compared to but a soup noodle dish unique to the island. The noodles are usually flat and somewhat wavy without a lot of koshi chew which typically is a hallmark of good Japanese noodles. Instead it seems to be designed to slowly soak up the soup's flavor but while keeping an integrity to be enjoyable with the various often meaty toppings.

In these respect Hamaya Soba was all that I remembered Okinawa Soba to be and also was against what seemed to be the recent island trend of a stronger Hon-Katsuo bonito flavored stock. Here a very recognizable and comforting lighter broth made with pork bones with only hints of bonito and seaweed. A perfect bowl after watching some surfers at the popular Sunabe Seawall surf spot nearby taking on early morning waves along with a few USAF F-15's circling above for landing at Kadena Air Base.

Shown the house's similarly named Hamaya Soba (550-Yen ~ $6) where toppings consisted of some seriously tender but also satisfyingly meaty Nankotsu cartilage with wide ribbons of crepe-like kinshi tamago omelet.

A small saucer of free Takuan accompanies your meal and feel free to add a pinch or two of Benishoga ginger as a garnish to your preference.

For a 100-Yen (~$1) a half order of Jyushee can be had as a side. The Okinawan version of a takikomi gohan rice medley.

いただきま〜す。。 :)


K and S said...


OkiHwn said...

Sunabe Seawall was very close to where I lived. Lots of eateries along there. But parking was a problem. But Hamaya Soba is good!

You saw the ferris wheel at American Village, huh? I live right across from it.

Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S, it was! :)

Hi OkiHwn, I drove by and found Sabani too! But was too full to step in at the time. A week is just too short. Yeah the American Village was a trip. Darn, you had an awesome pad there!!

caninecologne said...

very nice post! i would love to visit japan one day!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks CC! There are many parts of Japan that I still wish to visit someday.. Like the U.S. it's full of very distinct personalities. :)