Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Okinawa Soba - Part Three: Gabu Soba

Gabu Soba is a chain. But I felt it was good to include one since large, well lit, tall ceilinged neighborhood Okinawa Soba restaurants with low tatami mat style seating like these were really what I've been accustomed to visiting regularly growing up on the island. The spaciousness of most makes it very family with kids friendly as well.

The very attractively priced large Sanmainiku Soba was only 580-yen. With the current unfavorable exchange rate that means a bit above $7 but it would've been $5.80 not so long ago. Anyhow I also opted for one Soki stewed rib (+160-yen).

The piping hot soup was light caramel colored but its flavor I thought not that unusual as were the noodles. The meat toppings were really the star where the Soki stewed rib quite literally fell off the bone and was flavored very nicely as well.

I wasn't used to sanmainiku (San-mai Niku or three-layered pork) being this melty tender either. All four~five nice sized pieces were quite delicious.

Considering the competitive prices, convenience, and all that yummy meat you get, I thought it was a pretty decent bowl! You know, for being a chain and all.. ;)


K and S said...

nom sanmainiku!!

OkiHwn said...

The sanmai niku was always very tender anywhere in Okinawa. Loved soki a little bit better, especially the cartilage end pieces.

Great places so far!

Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S these were good! :)

Hi OkiHwn, I've been really impressed how shops almost seemed to be at an even play field during my visit. Growng up many tebichi or even soki used to be delicious but usually slightly chewy, and I don't remember Nankotsu cartilage being so popular as well. Seems like the use of pressure cookers are a must these days. Anyhow all definitely a great thing for everyone. :)