Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CoCo Ichibanya (Finally)

Sorry the post was the most far along in my queue.. But who am I kidding, love the stuff.

There was an ongoing special on the large portion katsu curry at Coco Ichibanya and went for it. Was actually my first trying "Coco-Ichi," a mega curry chain from Japan where when I heard an outpost existed in Hawaii it drove my mind close to madness.

Visiting, what I liked the most about Coco-Ichi was that they were very Diner like in layout. If you sat at the counter you got to see the workers prepare the curry dishes. Plating, heating and adjusting the spice level of each order.

Could've been all the build up or maybe it was how I got the normal spice level but unlike Go Go Curry the rue tasted fairly mainstream. Still, with substantially more concentrated rich flavors than our Curry House. The pork cutlet was also breaded (with nama-panko) fresh on the spot.

Like GGC's, the in-house sauce wasn't your ordinary Chunou, but concocted special and went surprisingly well with the curry. Less acidic and a more mellow rounded flavor I thought.

BTW, the photos are a mix of two locations. Ate at one and purchased a gift set at the other. So that'll be another post coming soon. :)

[Read about my thoughts on CoCo-Ichi Torrance here.]


K and S said...

love coco-ichibanya, though we don't quite as often because there are so many independent curry-ya out there. If I'm not mistaken, they have a curry nabe-jiru that you can add to your hot pot.

Dennis K. said...

I know what you mean Kat! Personally wanted to check out a place called "Camp" in Tokyo but totally ran out of time.